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  • If we have lead+FWG+Spinblocker+CBLax, I think we're good. We might want to go to TU or CAP Friday to actually work out details and test.
    OK, now onto the "bulky-but-powerful" part. Agiligross, Ttar, some Dragonite sets I've come up with... Steel types... Whatever...
    It may be best not to add in too many stat-uppers. Even one can be enough as long as you provide the proper team support.
    Spiritomb can burn or set up on anything that wants to set up on it. I can usually get mine three calm minds in battle. Also FWG+Skarmbliss+Rotom-A is getting old. BTW, I have a campout this weekend, so I won't be on agai until Monday.
    Tyranitar negates leftovers recovery, which is bad on a defensive team. Starmie + CeleTran might make a decent core.
    That works, Heatran leads and a few other anti-leads give bronzong trouble, meaning that we should probably have a fire resist who can shrug off a taunt. LO Heatran, Tentacruel, Starmie, and Tyranitar all work for that.
    Start with a lead that can lay hazards, take a hit, and can actually do something to the opposing lead.
    Ex: Tyranitar, Roserade, Heatran, etc. Well... maybe not Roserade, but the T Spikes are fairly important in stall.
    I like stall that also has a means to do some damage if everything goes wrong. (The more defensive variation of bulky offense). If you want, we can just do OU.
    Sounds good to me! By the way, if you're still interested in parahax, I would suggest taking a look at this team. It's outdated, but it provides a good example of how these teams should be built. If you want to get some practice, I could also provide you with a recent parahax team that I built. Anyway, good luck!
    Sorry about the inactivity. I've been quite busy recently with real life, as well as my team rating duties, so I haven't had much extra time. To be honest, I don't think that I'll be able to continue with the meetings for a while. I do feel pretty bad about leaving you hanging like this, though, so if you have any questions or just want to have an occasional test battle, feel free to let me know.
    lol well if your not that good then I'm not forcing you :P I guess I can try OU but the same deal for me, I suck xD
    Sure, I'd love to! I've always wanted to make a join team, but haven't been able to find the opportunity to. We could communicate on PokeLab or something like that, so let me know whenever you have time.
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