• I know. Sometime today, I will be posting by 55 card archtype and its support :D

    Please check it out. I'd like some comments and criticism :D
    Ok, I'll patch up the set and post later today. I have classes until 5:30 coming up =_='

    Anyway, do you like my group :P
    Hiya, DEMo! Its been a few months since I checked out the Metagame section here and I was suprised that you had made a Hail thread. I used to play Hail before I quit PO/PS! and decided to check it out.

    It looks very good. Might I suggest a Defensive Kyreum? Roost, Hail, Blizzard, and Dragon Pulse/Earthpower is a good anti-weather set from my experience.
    Well with everybody bent on being a potato basically any thread is going to get activity. I myself only post something that is valuable. I actually like the hail thread kudos to you.
    I hadn't really played Civ V a lot lately until I got the expansion pack...now with all of the added variety I'm more addicted than ever. :(
    I won second place with this in a poetry contest because the judges didn't belive that I didn't get it off the internet. It wasn't disqualified though because the other two judges felt a slight change of heart.
    ok, that Breloom could definitely work. Lol, more FWG, but trust me it works well. If you want fire and priority, then Infernape is your only choice, but using it gives you some pretty massive weaknesses. Right now, what messes this up the most is Tornadus-T, Latios, and DDMence. If any of them can get a free switch in, it's basically gg- Mach Punch does nothing, and Starmie is outsped. Your idea of Mamoswine is a good one; and I know someone that used Mamo/Starmie/Breloom.
    I think Heatran is pretty much a necessity here too; I mean it resist Draon types, destroys hazard setters, provides Rocks, and just hits hard. Unless you don't want to use something so common.
    here's an idea: Starmie. It can take status, it hits all of Breloom's counters with Tbolt and Ice Beam, it spins, and it resist Ice/Psychic while Loom resist Dark/Grass/Electric.

    Starmie @ Life Orb
    4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    ~Rapid Spin
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Hydro Pump

    I noticed that you wanted Breloom to have Stone Edge- I'm not sure if this is a good idea. It already has 4MSS, with Mach Punch/Swords Dance/Spore/Bullet Seed/Low Kick, so I think going with SD/Spore/Bullet Seed/Mach Punch is our best bet. What do you think?
    Before I keep rambling, I'd like you to think of a few pokemon that can help breloom with those said threats. Keep in mind, the pokemon doesn't exactly have to be ice type, it just has to have strong ice type coverage. If you have any questions, now is also the time to ask :D

    lol and sorry if I'm being a bit teacher-ish, if you want me to be 'friendlier' that's certainly possible, I just use that style of writing when I write essays XD
    well, the first thing I usually do when making balanced teams is picking a pokemon to centralize the team around. You have on, Breloom.

    step 2 is about support. How are you going to aid Breloom in his sweep? How are you going to conquer typical walls that can take it's attacks with ease?
    Let's start off by naming some walls- Gliscor, Skarmory, Celebi, Tornadus, Mew, Espeon, Xatu, Latias, Latios, Salamence- all of them pretty much wall Breloom, and can either OHKO it there on the spot or cripple it heavily and dispose of it later. If you notice, most of the counters are severely weak to Ice- Gliscor, Celebi, etc. So we will obviously need an Ice type, right? Skarmory, Mew, and Espeon are not weak to ice however, and often carry coverage moves that hit Ice types hard. So just slapping in an Ice type isn't a good idea. Make sure that it aids Breloom offensively, yet doesn't emphasize it's weaknesses. That is true synergy.
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