• Eh, don't worry about it overmuch, I only have intentions to take over the early plot and maybe the near end of the plot. :D
    For the most part, yes. I also did it so that we could get right to some action. I'll probably end it soon though and take everyone to town. At which point, I'll try to introduce most of the "major" options the players can choose.
    Sorry for my inactivity in Free RPG :(

    College has been busy for me recently. I should have a lot more time after Thanksgiving week.
    Well, you could try going around that. My suggestion is maybe to put like a number on each route, town, etc. Then post a thread for the map, put down what the labels mean and presto.

    For instance, consider this simple map.


    1. Nuvema Town
    2. Flocessy Town
    3. Route 19 (Gah, it's supposed to be in the middle of the dashed lines, but you get the idea.)
    Hmm, I suppose you're right. My deal is that we need to attract new members to the group, and I feel like the best way to do that is to standardize the ruleset or something. Tbh I'm not really sure.

    Also, you need to get your Pokemon RPG going again, though to be frank it probably needs revising a bit as evidenced by how it keeps stalling. Perhaps make a super thread detaling the general geography of the routes and what pokemon you can find in them?
    True. Anyways, how have you been? I've been doing well considering college is crazy. I will probably have stunted activity for this week as I have exams but I'll keep a close eye on things.

    One thing I was thinking about doing though was possibly setting up a more...organized combat system, similar to how DnD uses dice to determine the outcome of a battle. Naturally you wouldn't be able to die in a match if you don't want to though.
    Bald Accountant said we could battle on Pokemon Online for King of the Hill. im on right now as Lad Russo.
    Yeah Ill rate when i get chanse (ill try to now - at a wedding but its shit) if not ill do it tomoro afternoon for sure.
    I would, but I'm on a holiday on my phone. If you want I can rate it when I get back in a week?
    In a way, yes :P

    Currently have an Oshawott and Nidorino. Will be battling N soon. All Lv8

    How's your FR Nuzlocke
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