• Eh haha. I just went to a funeral yesterday for my good friend. He's at peace now so yeah lol.

    Other than, I've been working on a new RP. A massive one that'll take a while to die haha. I just need help on the plot, Me and Comp are working on the races for the RP. We have four so far haha, looking for four more.
    Hey, I have posted a bit in some of the RP's recently, take a look :). Hopefully I'll get to the rest of the threads in a few hours.
    Hey. How have you been?

    As for me, college has been eating up all my free time. :P
    I am also an overachiever. I set myself on such high standards that I almost never get close to what I expect of myself.

    As for the hours: no, it's not community service. Instead, each course is designated with hours. Band counts as 1 hour. Computer Concepts vounts as 3.
    I would like to, but it'd be like rocking a chair. I'd accomplish nothing but cause more pain despite how hard I rock. She's happier now than she used to be and that is enough for me to be happy.

    Also, I see you and comp are Juniors. Congrats :)

    I am a Sophmore in college. By the looks of things, I'm going to be a "Super-Sophmore" in order to get the hours I need.
    Oh no, what I meant by that statement was that even though Anti-Paradox has all this weaponry and a penchant for seriously screwing over the Empire, they haven't made any decisive actions against it. To Shadow, this seems to suggest that the Anti-Paradox is motivated by something other than toppling the Empire.
    I'm sorry if I'm derping, but I believe that I had been making a team with you? I just recently moved and was away for a couple days, so I don't actually remember why we stopped... :/
    Hey, DEMo, think that you can link other's to my group that like yugioh? I have already linked Comp, Maya, and Max.
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