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  • Alright. I'll be on PO2, Groudon's Grotto server if that's OK? Just challenge me or PM me when you see me.
    I am so sorry you wasted your time on me. If we can play today or tomorrow I would love to. ugh... been so busy...
    I've been wrapped up in some stuff but I'm just finishing the aforementioned stuff up now and can go back to Pokemon. XD I am GMT-4. if you've built your team, we can play whenever. Evenings are preferable for me but I can probably accommodate your schedule.
    Well, I'm GMT -7. I would prefer to do the battle on Sunday or Monday, but if something comes up on either of our ends, I'm fine doing it some other time early next week.
    Please try and get your match done right now. Neither of you have submitted teams.
    Alright, that's cool. Just hook me up with a time next week; generally speaking, I'll be free unless something urgent comes up. I'm looking towards something during the week as opposed to the weekend, but just message me and we can work something out easily.
    Thursday after 3:00 all the way to next Saturday. I got next week off. Gimme a time that you're free, I'll see if we can do something
    Hello. We are paired for the Smogon VGC Tournament. I'm in EST (GMT-4 or -5, not too sure with the whole daylight savings time crap...), so, just hook me up with your details.
    Yeah, sorry about not getting it done. It's mainly my fault for not having my team ready yet, but I want to make sure that it's the best it can be before we battle.
    Hey, we're paired for the VGC tournament. My timezone is EDT(GMT-4) and I can battle at pretty much anytime, so let me know what times work for you, and best of luck!
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