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    though we may be apart, you are still my favorite lovely~
    I know right? I've worked literally everyday for the last bloody 3 weeks. Thankfully I'm getting this weekend off 'cause my boss is on holiday 8D!
    Haha no worries, that's not the first time it has happened. The same exact thing happened when M Dragon was hosting this season a week or two ago. His bolding randomly disappeared and I had to revive it by digging through the edit history (which isn't pretty to look at) and manually editing stuff in.

    If you want a crazy story, check this: when I hosted a tour once, I had to deal with the following: 1. A momentary server crash and 2. Two people faking screenshots of them winning (this was really stressful, lol, and I was worried it'd interfere with my aim of getting a fast hosting time since a bunch of us would compete to see who could finish a tour the quickest). There was also a time the bolding thing occurred to me as well if I am remembering correctly, but I recovered it by hitting backspace, so crisis averted. So really, you probably did better than me, lol.

    The craziest things really do happen in tours! There's a few more really bizarre ones that come to mind and I can tell you about them on IRC next time you're on if you're curious.
    Lol yeah, that was pretty whacky, from start to finish, and fun to watch from the sidelines! I'm sure you're saying to yourself that you'd do that all over again...

    Obligatory good job though, you did well! *Round of applause*
    hi Diana, we were paired for the 2nd Round of the NFE Tier mini-tourney. I'm GMT -7, is there any time you want to get the battle done?
    That is amazing! I really like Skiploom haha :3 (I often end up desperation beating Morty with the hatched Togepi LOL ._.)
    That's a good point. I think Ohio has a pretty big population considering its size.
    D'aw, hopefully you didn't have a white t-shirt on! I'll take your tip but still end up doing it anyway. Dx
    And now you know my reasoning for wanting to move out of here as soon as possible n_n
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