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  • This makes me want to get rid of it once and for all by leaving the United States entirely ( Toronto is pretty sweet from what I've heard )
    I was maybe 14 when I moved but yeah, living there for 5 years you realize that most stereotypes aren't there 100% of the time, and also that Houston has a dumb school system overall :/
    Ironically I lived in Texas but never got onto to the college football scene in what was apparently "the land of college football" ?_?
    And how much it sucks to not even follow sports when all my friends will hang me from a tree if I don't know every single game :(
    I suppose if you live here you know how to avoid being hit... Most of the time x.x
    Man even new York has nothing on china...

    Scary as hell lol it's just insane

    Ppl just drive however they wan in whatever direction they want

    Pedestrians are obstacles that need to get out of the way

    They don't stop for you lol you just have to cross whenever there is an opening xD
    Haha no worries

    China is hecka different tho.... Not to mention there are absolutely no road rules lol

    Almost got hit by a car while crossing the street too many times to count

    I actually saw a biker get hit ;_;
    China's internet is so slow... Not to mention Facebook and YouTube are blocked :(

    But now I'm in Hong Kong where I have free reign !

    SAR ftw
    Though being in china with limited Internet might have contributed to the cause xP
    lol hola. It's going good for me, started my third year at Madison, I get to start teaching kids this semester :o

    How about you?
    Bump the one in Orange Islands as that's the one that's being worked on. The one in C&C is just a placeholder for when we're done in OI. I'm sure Jelli wouldn't mind since it was one of the original projects.
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