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  • Since the deadline is coming (next friday), I'll be on Smogon's server everyday as "Terra Dragon" from 21:00 to 21:30 (GMT -3). If you can't make it any day, let me know.
    I am good to go anytime tommorow after 11:30 AM, saturday from 8:30-14:00 and 19:00-23:00 and sunday after 6:00 PM (GMT -5 for all). Just choose one time and we are set.
    So what timezone are you and when can we play for Clear Entry? (I can't play now, no PO on this comp).
    sorry I haven't been vming you, but the deadline is coming up, and i can only be on at night (gmt -8), hopefully i'll catch you on soon
    Lol, yeah. I think I would've ha a better chance if I prepared 3 teams instead of 1 xD
    Yay! I can battle now :]

    Which server?

    Good luck, and don't expect to face a well-put-together team, this will be the first time I'm testing it (I know I'm not gonna win this whole tourney, so why not use this as an opportunity to test? :]).
    I live in GMT -4/5, btw. A good time for me would be around 2-4 PM, and maybe sometime around the evening.
    Finished my team, and I'm ready to battle. If you can't battle now, VM me the next time you see me on :D
    Yeah, Shoddy works. But I don't have my team made on Shoddy, so could you give me a second to make it? Then we can battle after, if you're still here :D

    Edit: For some reason, Shoddy won't open for me D: I'll try to get it to work and get back to you.

    Edit 2: It worked. I'll make my team now :]
    Hi there! I'm your opponent for the Smogon Tournament 7 :]

    We can't battle until Thursday, so when's a good time for you? I can battle on Saturday.
    hey, have you built a team for the move stat restriction tourney yet? deadline is coming up.
    hey, we have to battle for the move-stat restriction tourney. I haven't made any teams yet, but wanna set a rough date for a battle? I'm GMT -4 (EST)
    Yo, you wanna battle 4 level-balance tournament now? I'm on TeamUber on sb1 and Pokemonexperte on PL
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