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  • Well I'm available today, but then not until Sunday- I can battle anytime then so that we be our best time to meet up, alternatively, I'm available in the week from around 4pm-8pm my time (GMT). I'm currently just tweaking my teams, but i'll be ready for our battles anytime after that
    Hey, we gotta battle for level balance tournament. I'm nearly finished making my teams, so VM me back and we ca set a time to meet up, I am GMT (Also, apologies for not doing this earlier- I completly forgot about it o_o)
    Hi. I'm your opponent for R2 of the Tournament of Second Chances. When's a good time to battle for you?
    sorry i could not get on, something came up at the last minute. the next best day i can battle is tuesday, let me know what time works for you on that day and i will definitely be on to battle
    hey it looks like im battling you now for gouki's OU tournament. the best days for me to battle are today and tuesday, but monday works too. my time zone is GMT -7, so let me know what times work for you.
    Hi, we still need to do those battles for the Nonagon Tournament, so VM me if you're online
    I'm sorry, but I have to go now. Maybe I can catch you tomorrow for those battles?
    Hi, I'm your opponent for the Nonagon Tournament. My teams are ready, so when can you battle?
    yeah same, just let me change computers my street team is on my laptop, ill be on in about 10 minutes
    yeah im still putting together a team as well. I'm on a break from TAFE at the moment so whatever time suits you is fine I will be available most of the time
    hey we are paired together for the streetPKMN tourney. My timezone is GMT +10 (Australia) so just let me know when you are ready and when can arrange a time
    I can battle right now if you can, if not, then I might still be awake at that time but I'm not sure.
    I can probably play our FUK Dragon Tournament game today, but I'll be watching soccer from 7pm GMT - about 10:30pm GMT. So if you can play before or after then, let me know, I'll be on Shoddy.
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