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  • hey, I'm thinking of making my own personal CAP server for a couple of friends and myself (on Shoddy) and I just had 2 questions

    1. is this allowed? Because the server is not going to be popular anyway
    2. how did you add the CAP pokemon to the Server? Could I get some tips?
    this is rikuxking true leader of team keyblade and admin for team magma i am here to report 2users trc boss lux for a mocking avatar, posting my groups private conversation in his photo album and harrasing and bothering my friends and vader fortrying to anex (to take control of)various groups including mine and trying to anex (to take control of) my profil
    I told a mod and he told me to let the admins know so: I recently found out my brother made an account but we use the same computer. Just saying that I havent made a mutiple account.
    Hey there, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something specific in Name changes.

    Theres an account that someone made about four years ago, only posted once and barely said anything of use. Is there any chance I could perhaps take over that Nickname? I tried it when I first joined and gave up the thought thinking it was someone actually active.
    Doug! I have some (hopefully) interesting proposals for you. Of course, I understand that you have a lot on your plate all the time so feel free to decline, but I feel your contributions to my two projects would be brilliant.

    1: Pokémon Amethyst - I would be honoured if you would be able to be a QC.
    2: Weekly Spriting Contest - I'm bringing a new feature of a "Guest Judge" every week, and I'd love to have you as the first one. If you're interested I can give you specific dates nearer the time.

    Thanks for your time,
    ~Persistence (form.: Alch)
    so are you a proponent of making a public vote to ban various things, since it'll just streamline the popularity contest of tiering??
    Say, now that Hera is UU when do you think it will be testable on the UU ladder?
    Just Out of curiosity.
    Hey Doug, I was gonna make a Shoddy Battle server and I know you have experience with such, so I was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I've read the guide, but there are still some things that baffle me. (btw, I'm DarkZekrom on Shoddy now, but being an admin I guess you already know that lolz)
    hey i have a question about battling: Im trying to make a trick room team and i was wondering if a steelix would be viable? thank you in advance
    Hey there!
    About pokemon amethyst sprites..
    I was wondering how you would feel about
    a: being a quality control artist
    b: helping me go back and add detail to accepted sprites.

    You have excellent skills with dithering..
    But don't feel obligated ;)
    let me know, Dj.
    When will u kick off cap12? i would think we would want to get it out of the way before 5th gen destabilizes the metagame.
    can yu please mod shoddy soon? It's getting really bad right now. Sorry if your busy.
    Hi i just wonder if theres a way to change my nick, since many peoples have a similar nick...

    Hey Doug, I have a question for you. What program did you use to create your CAP images?
    Wow thank you so much man! I'm glad you think it looks Sugi-style, I've been trying to get it down for quite a long time now so I really appreciate you saying that haha. And I love all the designs you've put up too - I have to say your tri-ballistic gorilla was my favourite, but your new sweet voodoo design is close behind!
    hey doug.i'm new here and what i see say that you is can you help me?i wanna post some strategies to some pokes to apear in the home of the site.can you help me with this?

    thanks.and i am new here.but i play all the pokemon games (FR,LG,EMERALD,DIAMOND,PLATINUM AND HG\SS.)including shoddy.and there im good.
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