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  • hey, i just have a question:

    why does shoddy doesn't have a suspect ladder anymore?
    Doug, I was fiddling with the Smogon calculator for theorymon calcs and I encountered an error. When I wanted to test a Guts boosted Collosoil Earthquake I set ability to Guts and click the 'ability effect' checkbox to on, but nothing happened. The calculator output was the same for the ability effect checked and without. Just wanted to bring this to your attention so it could be fixed.
    plus and i have agreed that it's probably best to make dragon dance, sleep powder, double-edge and stun spore egg moves. it looks like dragon dance definitely has to be illegal with stun spore and sleep powder. double edge is legal with dragon dance through salamence and legal with the powders through torterra.

    as for revenankh, he still needs: Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Sucker Punch, Thunderpunch, Will-o-Wisp. those are all TMs except sucker punch (tutor) and cross chop. cross chop will have to be egg or level-up. nobody else is still awake so i'm going to try to get deck knight to help me figure out what to do about it tomorrow (or later today).
    doug, congrats on the smog awards you won! on top of being a very likable person <3, your work for smogon, while team-oriented, is incredibly useful and helpful in every facet of competitive pokémon. thanks! :D
    so, i just wanted to express how thoroughly awesome all the CAP pokemon are, and has sad i am they're not real. :( this might be a stupid question, but has anyone ever tried to pitch them to Game Freak? or plan on it? because that might be the coolest thing in the history of pokemon if they used them...
    Umbreon Dan, How did you have the time to discover that? O_O

    Have to say though, now that you've pointed it out, it does look pretty weird, like the whole thing is perfectly diagonally inversed.
    its like a whale slowly falling and tumbling gracefully to it's death... like in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy!
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