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  • Hey Doug, I have a question for you. As being a Smogon Admin, where would be an appropriate place to start a discussion on what is considered "legal", and what is not "legal". More specificly, there has been some recent conflict on the matter of the Pomeg Berry Glitch being acceptable in Little Cup play, yet the Mimic Glitch being disallowed. Is there any place or procedure I could take to start a discussion or get a clear cut answer on this issue?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message!

    ~ Icy Vegeta
    Since I don't want to congest the topic with offtopicness, I just wanted to say I love your concept (Perfect Mate) for this CAP. One of the bset in the topic for sure in my opinion! ^_^
    When is Aura Sphere Riakou getting added to the ladders I have wanted to use for so long
    Hi Doug, this is a reminder that tonight (June 10th, 2010) is the deadline for this round of UU for the purpose of qualifying to vote for Suspects.
    I am contacting you in regards to the players to the silence beyond and asuya ghost, according to mods/admins i have spoke with they have been banned for cheating there way to the top of the leaderboard. I am contacting you to find out a way to recive justice and remove the records of these cheaters from the leader board . If it is of no concern of the admins to remove this problem i am going to start a boycott and get as many people to stop playing shoddy until something is done .
    I was wrongfully banned by Aeroblacktyl, from Smogon University Shoddy Server.

    If you take a look at the name, you'll notice that the name has two spaces between 'Bloody' and 'Death'. Therefore, you banned the wrong account. I'd like it if you reverse this ban, seeing as you banned the wrong user completely.

    If you cannot reverse the decision, I'd like you to inform Aeroblacktyl that he banned the wrong person, and that I should be unbanned, because I did absolutely nothing wrong. I wasn't even on the chat when this occurred!
    Hey, I am not sure if you left this out by accident or not, but the move Recycle is missing from Krilowatt's movepool on shoddy battle. Thought I should let you know.
    Hrm... You live in Houston eh?
    Just by chance, you wouldn't happen to live in *The Woodlands* or *Spring* specifically, would you?
    Just want to know, is the CAP 10 Policy Review Committee group open to a person like me, who wants to help out and usually goes on the CAP server?
    Can you please read the PM I sent you regarding the metagame? I don't have permission to post in Policy Review, but wanted to provide input.
    just had a quick look at your characteristics of a desirable metagame thread

    it's pretty fantastic man, thanks for the effort
    Is there any way to collect data on "Killed by" (pokemon, move) statistics for your monthly Shoddy reports? - seconding this big time!
    hey, i just have a question:

    why does shoddy doesn't have a suspect ladder anymore?
    Doug, I was fiddling with the Smogon calculator for theorymon calcs and I encountered an error. When I wanted to test a Guts boosted Collosoil Earthquake I set ability to Guts and click the 'ability effect' checkbox to on, but nothing happened. The calculator output was the same for the ability effect checked and without. Just wanted to bring this to your attention so it could be fixed.
    plus and i have agreed that it's probably best to make dragon dance, sleep powder, double-edge and stun spore egg moves. it looks like dragon dance definitely has to be illegal with stun spore and sleep powder. double edge is legal with dragon dance through salamence and legal with the powders through torterra.

    as for revenankh, he still needs: Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Sucker Punch, Thunderpunch, Will-o-Wisp. those are all TMs except sucker punch (tutor) and cross chop. cross chop will have to be egg or level-up. nobody else is still awake so i'm going to try to get deck knight to help me figure out what to do about it tomorrow (or later today).
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