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  • i've been posting in the Library and Sports sections for a few months now, and that's about it.
    i haven't been "in" the gme since IV. my thread got deleted and it broke my heart. :[ i played B/W but didn't get into the battling metagame at all. it was just too much work to port everything over and try to figure out what was what. and now i don't have a 3DS so it looks doubtful i'll be getting in on VI. the game just seems so foreign to me now.
    heh, I probably wont make it through lcq but there will be other things to do :P ill see whats good once the metagame gets started enough, too :P
    yeah I pretty much went to vgc doubles only :P not too great at that but hey :P I enjoy going to the us/canada for worlds at the very least :)
    Heh ive actually been going to events over the past few years, intend to go this year, too :) I dno if ill ever go trade again either, but ill be on smogonwifi (the irc thing) You havent been around yourself for that long either again have you :P
    haha, well ive been at it for some time, but I go for the VGC stuff mostly, although I have some stuff filled up already :) just too lazy to update the thread :P
    Go look at GeoHulk's trade thread. At first glance, it may seem unfair that E.E. put him on the blacklist, but look at the pokes on his thread. He's got shiny Jirachi and some other stuff that isn't commonly shiny, like a blue mew. You need to understand Gen 3 RNG on an emulator to get a blue mew. It's not easy to tell which of his pokes are not for trade. He says on the blacklist that none of the bad pokes are for trade, but he did respond to Diabolico's request for the Groudon on this forum on his trade thread here. So he can't legitimately say he traded the groudon on another forum.
    Shiny Jirachi is from the bonus disc, like w/ shiny celebi. It can be shiny, but is very rare.

    Oddly, I was recently traded a shiny version of each, but haven't found anyone to legit-check them. Are you interested in trading for a clone of them?
    I was trying to do them from memory before. Here's what they have (I was off slightly on a couple of stats)


    Ability: Static
    Nature: Jolly
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 16 / 11 / 31 / 31
    Egg Moves: Dynamicpunch / Cross Chop / Meditate / Light Screen

    Ability: Static
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 28 / 31 / 27 / 11 / 31 / 31
    Egg Moves: Dynamicpunch / Cross Chop / Meditate / Light Screen

    I checked them. I know those are accurate.
    Diglet of Elekid?

    Diglet is flawless for HP Ice 70

    Jolly Elekid is 31/31/31/*/?/31 (I don't remember the SpDef IV, but I remember it's less than 20)

    Adamant Elekid 27/31/31/*/31/31

    I bred the Elekids before I knew how to RNG Abuse.
    Cool. also, I have a Diglett w/ HP Ice 70. It's Naive or Hasty, I forget which.

    I'll PM you later this evening if I haven't heard from you by then.
    PMs would be easier actually, just in case I need to mark off topics I need to go over.

    I have two level 1 Elekids, UT. Jolly and Adamant ready for whenever. Both know Meditate, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch as egg moves.
    Sorry for the long waits between responces. I'm always bouncing on and off the computer late at night.

    Anyways, as for what I have to work with, and as far as what I thing might be good from the litle bit I know about LC, I have Jolly Elekid, Bold, Sassy, and Brave Bronzong, Munchlax's of all the natures that are viable in OU, Timid Crogunk, Bold and Quiet Slowpoke, and Timid Houndour.

    I have some other UT at level 1 stuff, you can look in my trade thread to see it, but there isn't anything that I know of to be good in LC.
    Late on my responce, but thanks. You are dealling with a noobie though. I know the rules of LC, but I don't know speed tiers, and I don't know what the max stats are for level 5 Pokes(meaning, I don't know EV placements for level 5's for max EVs without waisting EVs). All I have is about twenty UT level 1 Pokes with good egg moves, and flawless/near flawless IV stats. I'm wi-fi only so I can't go on Shoddy/PO to test stuff out either. >_<
    No problem man, and it turns out my friend was going to give his ds away so he just gave me his t-tar, thanks for taking your time tho! :-)
    Yeah they'd have to really screw over it's moveset to make it suck. Good typing. Good base stats. Now we just needa good movepool and it's STRAIGHTTOUBERSFORYOU*&!$^@*PONY!!
    Alright, thanks, I haven't been on smogon for a little while so I've forgotten basic forum stuff :)
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