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    - DynamicPunch / Revenge *revenge if youre using guts (more stronger when in rest)*
    - Stone Edge / Payback / Ice Punch
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk
    Item Attached: Leftovers
    Ability: No Guard / Guts
    EVs and Nature:
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

    A Machamp set with serious staying power. Anyway, DynamicPunch is your move of choice here, due to its amazingness. However, (and someone correct me if I'm wrong (which I don't think I am) Revenge is a good option here with Guts. On top of the Guts boost, you will often be getting the double base power thanks to Machamp's sluggish Speed (which you could lower with Brave and a low Speed IV), meaning uh... STAB brings it up to 90... Guts adds to your Attack but as that affects Revenge's power, let's say that takes it to 135, which is often doubled to 270 thanks to its effect. Yeah, 270 power. That's cool. Anyway, the rest of the moves are standard. Stone Edge is great in general, good coverage with Fighting, works with No Guard. Payback is awesome with Machamp's Speed, and gets near perfect coverage with Fighting. Ice Punch is cool for coverage, a good move in general. Rest recovers any health and puts you to sleep, activating Guts. Sleep Talk means you can do something whilst you nap.

    have fun trying this set c: he might 80% wont fail you
    Why sky attack because if you get hit before the second turn u are probably in defeatist
    i think that i live in an other time zone is it right?
    im from germany and now its 15.04 pm
    Dear DR4G0Nx,

    I have used the Doom Desire Jirachi that you have created. The performance of said Jirachi was mild to relatively superior in [Almost] each battle it was day-viewed. I say almost because the first time I used said Jirachi I used it on an unsynergistic team. I blame it's poor performance in the first battle on that. Other than that flaw it has preformed well. I look forward to future custom sets the next time we battle.
    Untill next time, Your friend,

    P.S. ; I am sorry I haven't wrote to you in a while. Life is a crazy thing.
    ok what a nice picture is it the blue eyed white dragon?^^
    tell me when you want to battle me again ok i have a good dragonite that i want to use
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