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    Trollhard flareon (lead flareon)
    life orb(hasty)
    Evs = 252 speed / 200 spatk / 54 atk

    trait=either (flash fire for more power on fire blast) guts for superior wallbreaking

    ~Fire Blast
    ~Flame Charge
    ~HP ice/Thunder Fang

    this guys sweeps ,(use flame charge first) flame charge allows flareon to outspeed others , gliscor wont see a unexpected HP ice or use thunder fang to fet rid of jellicent which wont even kill Jellicent . Superpower would then OKO blissey . Since it cant learn flare blitz , fire blast is a good coverage , making flareon an excellent wallbreaker. Fire blast will OKO skamory (bar sturdy) getting rid of its threats such as steel types....

    sadly ,its movepool , typing , hazards , and rocks ruin it. Dont let it fool you. even though its the weakest fire type ever , it still boasts a high atk , and pretty average spatk stats , making him a wallbreaker. a good one at least , or horrible ... if used correctly , and high predictions , flareon is a guy you wouldnt want to mess with.
    SMOGONs best Gengar set ever

    MYSTICgar (Protect)
    Life Orb (Timid)
    Moveset EVs = 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    ~ Protect
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Focus Blast
    ~ Hidden Power Fire

    4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Protect allows Gengar to defeat most versions of the two Pokemon who give it the most difficulty in the Platinum metagame: Pursuit Tyranitar and Bullet Punch + Pursuit Scizor. After Gengar has switched in and Tyranitar or Scizor have then switched in as well, Gengar will first use Protect to see if Tyranitar or Scizor uses Pursuit. If either Pokemon uses Pursuit, Gengar will use the proper move to OHKO it. If neither Pokemon uses Pursuit, Gengar can safely switch out. Note that even with Protect, Gengar needs to remain wary of non-Choice Scizor with Bullet Punch and Pursuit and Choice Scarf Tyranitar with Pursuit. Shadow Ball and Focus Blast give Gengar perfect coverage, while Hidden Power Fire lets it OHKO Scizor that decide to Pursuit.
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