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  • hehe, i was wondering if something had happened to you! 2 weeks is a long time for you ;) better tell me what happened on the weekend!
    just got it - thanks!! will try and reply soon :) glad to hear things seem to be going well for ya!!
    haha awesome!! but what do you mean impersonating noobs? ;)

    i haven't been on here much lately (don't think i've read the BF thread for a few weeks), and a few things have been keeping me from PM'ing you, but that's why i'm here now! will hopefully have time to respond :)
    Hey, long time no talk!

    I recently started up the Tower again. This time in the doubles - and I was doing well until this Dragon tamer shows up and tells me my streak is going to end. And he then proceeds to hax my team to death with double Rock Slides.

    I was using GigaTitan's Regigigas strategy but it seems that's not enough when facing the Tower. If you have any tips on how to go about winning 50 in a row, let me know. (that rhymed) Also, I need to have Gyarados on the team - for the ribbon.
    yeah, we've had friends staying from interstate, and i've been really sick too :( i'll get there, don't worry! looks like lots has been going on in the BF thread....
    I got to round 52 with your togekiss and registeel but instead of garch i have cb swampert because he doubles on fire covering one of regis major weaknesses and ice/elec covering two of togekiss's.
    My final round: Togekiss goes into a gastrodon. tries to use trick(i forgot about sticky hold) but by that point im locked into trick and i get killed with stone edge. I go to regi, curse, get fissured OHKO. I switch to swampert and use earthquake. Gastrodon has a sliver of health. Fissure OHKO. grrr hax.
    I have a basic offline BT strategy question:

    Why go to the trouble of trick TW flash/charm to weaken the first poké even though your first guy dies and at that cost you could explode and kill them. I don't need an answer but I would appreciate one :)
    hey DrD, i'm gonna reply to your PM as soon as i can - had hoped to reply within a couple of days, but it might not be until my interview is over, so mid next-week. hope you're going well :)
    ah ok, i get it (so slow!). yeah, i'm still here, but i'm meant to be here until the end of may. the wife should be joining me this coming weekend, so i really hope it clears up by then :S
    still "stuck" in the UK! why? btw, i'm still intending to put some time aside to reply to your PM - sorry it's taking so long :(
    my sister came up with this when she saw my latest facebook status:

    Already becoming careless, dads everywhere find gadgets helpful. Inside James's keyboard lie many new objects picked quite randomly. Such tidiness! Until vanquished with x-ray: you're zapped!
    oh you can get both of them can you? oh well, maybe i picked the wrong game then!! eh, i'll probably end up getting em both.......
    past experiences with preordering?? i didnt even think about which "other" legends came with which game, just lugia vs ho-oh...... oh well, should be fun - now that my BT streak is over, i'm looking forward to playing through a game again, especially one i've never played before - lol how many times have i gone through diamond/pearl........
    have read your pm, and will hopefully reply in the next day or two! have you preordered HG and/or SS?
    oh man, yeah that's really sad :( i was totally hoping you (and i!!!) would get to 1001. i like that you left a 0.00001% chance you'd come back to it!

    i'm going to have a go at replying to your PM today. i've had lots of madness at work this last week - will explain hopefully when i PM you.
    Wow....2363.....most I've ever gone was 61......And I think I prefer Phantom Hourglass than Spirit Tracks since it takes place in the sea which is more believable...unlike a magic train.....
    Well, you know that when you now reach your teen years, parents tend to get overprotective, but I'm glad I signed up here, it feels kinda good to be among the most brilliant gaming minds in the world. Anyway, I'm trying to downgrade my 64 bit Vista OS to a 32 bit since that's what my Nintendo Wi-Fi is Compatible with since i wanna try out my new Zelda Game (Sprit Tracks) -_-...btw has Peterko's record been broken yet ?
    I dont know if you remember me from youtube (mrlmaokun) but my mum made me delete my account :'(. I was the dude, in order to get my black trainer card, win 2 more battles after my 98 streak. Well,I lost at battle 99, I had never catered for a Weavile.......Well.....time to start over XD
    mention what?!! ;)

    and yeah, i saw you posted on serebii lol!! that'll show those stupid smogoners ^^
    ok, i replied.... and this time i can see it in my sent messages folder :)
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