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  • Sure thing:

    Jolly Gyarados @ Life Orb: Waterfall/EQ/S.Edge/DD

    Jolteon @ focus sash: IVs in Speed and SpDef./ 252 Speed EV, 190 Def, 70 SpDef - Sub/Flash/Charm/Yawn

    Garchomp: IVs and EVs in Attack and Speed - Swords Dance/Outrage/Crunch/EQ

    I think I see what you're saying. I need more walls and buffed up pokemon. I was thinking Slaking with CB but he would have to be a last resort due to his ability. Let me know what pokemon you think I should use to help me out without me having to remove Gyarados.
    Man, I thought this team would succeed but even it has flaws. I've tried 3 times so far and have lost all BEFORE getting to 49 battles. Miltank attacked with return and got a hax. What do you recommend I use? I want to have Gyarados on the team but I have no clue as to what else to include.
    nice to know you dont need to do factory for the card upgrade, but no i didnt notice if mine changed. i wouldnt even know what it was before i got it lol...... i just remember my fristration in emerald and the 100 hours approx i spent on actually getting to 42 in the battle factory. i actually recorded that battle, and i MUST MUST MUST upload it to youtube, since it is THE most close BF match i have ever won, and from memory i survived with about 4hp....

    i'll PM you my idea for my trick team. perhaps we could try and devise something together and then see who goes the furthest with it!!
    I'm just using Jolteon for Speed mostly. Nothing else.

    That is disappointing to hear. Have you heard if anything happens once you get all the Hax Frontier Badges?
    haha your 196 is safe! i lost at 165 - i'm really proud of my team. in the end a OHKO walrein 3-0'ed my team. im actually glad it ended in that way as opposed to the ways my 90+91 streaks ended..... i will go and whinge about it in the thread soon.

    i'll maybe get to work on the BC again soon. we'll see how much spare time i get!

    i went to the bother of getting a black card in my first pearl game. the only difference i noticed was the lady in the pokecentre starts acting like you're a celebrity hehe..... in platinum do you need 5 gold prints? or just a 100 streak in the battle tower? i really dont want to have to do the battle factory. and i also dont want to have to trade all my pokes accross to complete the pokedex.....
    lol If they called them by their real names, not many people would've bought Platinum.

    Jolteon is just there to Yawn and then Charm+Flash the opponent to death. Then I set up with either Gyarados or Garchomp. I am in the process of training Jolteon to level 50 since EV training it only got it to level 20.

    Huh, I thought that maybe something would occur. Like how the nurses refer to you by name when you receive the Gold Card.
    Way to go. Unfortunately, I still have a long way to go until I get 100 in the Hax Tower. I'm thinking of trying to use Garchomp along with Gyarados. And perhaps a Jolteon so I can cripple whatever comes out first. This has been done before though.

    Out of curiosity, does anything happen once you get the Black Card?
    I don't remember. I think I first called it the Hax Factory, but then I saw "Battle Fagtory" in someone's sig. It mightve been you.
    yep - i'll finish my BC streak sooner or later, but i just lost at 90 in the BT (you can read my whingy story about it in the BF thread). the first time i got to 100 in emerald was with salamence+blissey (bred with an aim to get good IVs, but no knowledge of how to do so, and hence fairly average results) and my docile suicune with single figure IVs in every stat! needless to say it took many attempts.
    hehehehe..... i can write too much too ;)

    that very team actually got over 200 wins in emerald (with brick break > outrage), and variants have gone over 100 in diamond and pearl. so i think it will work - its just a matter of getting no hax for long enough. it pretty much resists all but a very special kind of hax (OHKO) extremely well, so its just a bit of a random luck thing.

    i blasted through 49 with pretty much starmie alone (backed up by salamence+blissey), and am now again over 70. for this run ive switched milotic for a flawless SS suicune, which is what i used to use. it takes chesto berry, so blissey can have leftovers. i told myself i'd switch back and forth until one of my teams cracks it :)

    and yeah, australians are the best at the battle castle!! although i dont think my record has been updated still.......
    hey dude, your 196 record is safe - i lost at 91! the annoying thing is it is a team i would beat very easily 99% of the time, but it just got too many critical hits. in the end it was an intimidated choice scarf ttar (locked on ice punch) against my blissey. and i knew it could only win by getting two crits in a row, which it did just before i had whittled its health down with seismic toss. milotic would have made such short work of it, but it had been killed by a crit from something it would have easily beaten otherwise. so mad..... but i've blazed up to about 30 this morning with basically just a starmie lol...... i just want to get to 100.
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