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  • Hehe only if it's quick, I don't want to be a pain. ^^ Jolly Eevee is really good in LC. Needs Quick Attack and Bite on to it though. =] Yawn / Helping Hand wouldn't hurt either! And I of course.. want females. lol Was just wondering if you had one!
    Hehe yeah I thought you must have already bred yourself a Treecko! =P I mostly just use Pokémon I like rather than the best ones around anyways.. You don't happen to have a good LC Eevee yet by the way? Oh and when do you think Farfetch'd will be done? ^^
    You know, I can EV train everything you want. Only say how many Pokes for Mightyena and semi-rights.
    Yo! I'm here! Ready to get your pokes? By the way, I'm taking a few more to EV train. You remember those, right?
    Sure, have a look in my latest post in my thread for the updates.. Unfortunately Bellsprouts aren't great in LC. lol But fun to use! Hippopotas are quite good though! =P Treecko has an interesting moveset imo..
    Hi Dusk! It seems you copied the wrong link in your "wants" in your sig.
    It's your NU section ^^'.
    This might be the link of your wants.
    And I see you're desperate of EV trainers? I can volunteer is you want :)
    And I haven't get my floatzel and ampharos either(from your giveaway =).. )
    No problem. But the S-Mightyena is really interested too. Could we arrange something with this?
    Hey Dusk. I'm really interested in your UT S-Mew. How many Pokemon Shell I EV train to get the Mew and semi-rights? (maybe 3? Of course without some credits)
    hey when's the next time you're going to be on i really want to give you your pokemon back i dont want you thinkng i ran off with it
    i can deffently meet you on that time, but friday and saturday i am busy. I can meet you that time sunday for sure
    hey dusk is there a certain time i can meet you online i am eastern time myself :P
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