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  • Yeah I can't upload it to Pokécheck, so it won't be traded. I just liked the Shiny one :P Still need to RNG abuse that Arceus at Entree Forest.

    I'm glad too that everything is sorted out. Hope I can get my good name back on serebii soon! Also, thank you very much for everything :)
    Yeah I've got everything I own listed here.. I think he just checked out my thread and thought hey lets hack everything he has. Don't think anyone here dislikes me, so I really don't know where it came from. Anyway, that dude is not responding anymore, so let's hope he gets banned soon
    But what did he do? Did he copy my name AND all my Pokémon? I saw stuff about a shiny Arceus, was he really that stupid to put it up for trade? Man, he is really too stupid for this world. I do have that Arceus too, but I am never going to trade that, because the Azure Flute never came out. Rest of my mons is 100% legit, as all RNG abusers have 100% legit Pokémon. :) That Arceus is just for my personal collection, that's all. That imposter was just too stupid to think people are actually going to trade for it. :')
    I'm glad to see people there are helping me out so well. I really hope the name Buckert can be accepted there again soon, when that imposter is banned. >_< My new name there is Wouter42.
    yeah RNGReporter creates some document in your folder where RNGR is located that stores your profiles. Since you didn't delete that file, the new version remembers it. I think this is true for 9.95.x onwards. not quite sure when the switch happened.
    That doesn't mean anything. If it's all green/yellow on Pokecheck, it'll pass, unless you download it with the ribbon added (event Pokemon that have ribbons already are fine).
    .pkm files are just the data that makes up the Pokemon. And yes, it's perfectly possible to get wondercards on Pokecheck, although it's a bit of a gray area (since you're not supposed to be able to get event Pokemon off the GTS).
    Yes you need to find the initial PID frame for gen 5 wondercards as the PID frame is what you are manipulating with wondercards. As for the profile issue, I have never hear of that problem so I have no clue what is going on there. Maybe try a different version of RNGR? No clue.
    "i remember that wondercards dont need to pid frame doesn't need to be calculated."

    That part is wrong. Wondercards are straight PID manipulation so the IV frame doesn't matter. Take your seed and put it into the main window and click the calculate PID button, make sure to also check the B/W2 check box. Also remember to search the capture tab, wondercard in Time Finder, but it sounds like you did that already. From there just keep trying to hit your Timer0 and then advance the PID frame. There is a bug in RNGR (that might be fixed in the newer versions, I'm not sure) where the main window and time finder do not match with regards to the target frame. The main window is the correct target frame to aim for.
    yeah it is possible. I find myself switching between 1104 and 1107. in bw2, there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for timer0 occurrences. Just stick to one and if it seems like you can't hit that one timer0 when you're actually rng'ing, switch over to the other one or find a different seed.
    Nice, happy New Year to you too! Have you managed to figure out how to RNG with that dastardly Unova Link activated?
    Exactly. Just keep doing parameter searches until you feel confident you know which Timer0 values are the common ones, and then just try to hit those. You can ignore the less common ones that only appear once or twice. You may still hit them from time to time, but the other values will be far more common and it will be easier to just aim for those.
    I only have about 4-5 Timer0s with 2 be more common than the others. Just find your parameters ~10 times and when you notice 1 or 2 values reappearing a lot try to use that one. As you RNG more you will start to notice which ones are the more common ones. The games are really fickle though and the T0 changes a lot, but with enough tries you should get it eventually.
    Hey Eeveelover :) I have an account here but, like Serebii, I'm hardly ever on. I've also been out of the country for 3 weeks so if I missed a message from you, sorry.

    As for your parameters, I'm not sure what you mean. You cannot find them, or is something else the matter?
    I havent rng in BW2 yet but I have AR with rare candies. So I try to find my parameters like BW but my timer0 varies by 1 like every 3-4 tries.
    Note I do all 4 and 5th gen on dslite.

    If you reach an area in the game where you can capture high level pokemon,. like lv 45+, it shouldnt be too hard, but you will need to do it multiple time to see if timer0 changes and how frequently
    Pretty sure the unova method is still broken for windows user. You need to find them by capturing pokemon, just like in bw
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