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  • Ok I'm terribly sorry, lol it's all okay now! =P I've got them and coming back on WiFi. I just paniced a bit...
    lol okay, well I've not saved when I got out, so if i reset now I'll get back to.. coming out of WiFi I guess? And I'll have all 4 you traded me again right?
    Omg, I was going to clone Weepinbell and it released her instead!? I don't know what to do.. =/ Does the game save when you come out of the trading? Can I reset to get them back you think..? God was this your last copy?
    Okay it's sorted! I'm sorry, got to mess with some settings sometimes. lol I'll get on WiFi now, sorry for the trouble again!
    Ah right okay. lol Damn I've got to sort my router out for trading. =/ Sorry will you be here in about 20-30 minutes?
    For myself? =P I've got an AR so it's nps for me. lol Do you need your Pokémon cloned and sent back?
    just 2 for now.
    i've been doing a lot of running/walking for the pokewalker stuff.
    Ah sorry I got caught up in sorting my thread out! lol

    Okay I'm ready to trade now. ^^ Cubone, Spinda, Mismagius and Houndour from me to you! I'll clone yours. =)
    She did? Yeah I'll dtill do them. I need to get a better reputation and I would like to help you out.
    Sadly. But I love my shiny Mothim. Kicked Lance's ass with it today (HP Rock helped, haha).


    I have yours and a caught one that was supposed to be steel but killa kid ruined it and evolved it into fuckin grass D<

    Also I drew your request but i r lazy ;-;
    I know, I'll do it next week at school. I have Monday off though, so Tuesday at the earliest.

    If that's you in your photo album you are cute :o
    I have ev'd for Gary the gengar, Aromaflora,Chronix, Mercury and I'm currently eving for Acid paradox (something like that).
    hey check the dragonair i gave you. i just remembered that i have one i got from mole when he was just playing around.

    i may have given you that one by mistake.
    if it's jolly with OT Mole, i gave you the wrong one lol.
    naughty with OT Collin and i didn't fuck up.
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