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  • Yeah get back on and same moves
    You are spupposed to set it to level 100 for standard
    Get back on wifi and accept my invIte this time and
    As for a 5 second guide.

    1) Use the MTIVRNG Check Code to find what MTIVRNG Value is given on an arbitrary second (you have to convert it from decimal to hex). Normally one Date/Time to the Second will give the same MTIVRNG 90% of the time.
    2) Put that hex value in the seed part Researcher in the RNG Reporter and set it to right shift Custom 1 by 27
    3) Manually look down the list of IVs it generates in the "Custom 1" list until you find something useful
    4) Pick any target mon
    5) Hit that seed again (Boot your game on the same Date/Time to the second
    6) Use walking (1 advancement per poke in your party per 128 steps) or withdrawing pokemon from your PC (7 advancements per withdrawl) to advance your frame to where you want it
    7) The pokemon will have the IVs you want

    I and others have done it many times
    This may or may not help you, but HERE is the RNG Research thread. The RNG Research thread is NOT I REPEAT NOT a help thread, so don't ask questions like "how do I do it" there. You can ask questions like that in the RNG Help thread stickied at the top of the wifi forum. If you start reading from about page 14 on, it's basically everything that anybody in the english speaking world knows about 5th Gen RNG.
    Well i completely forgot that espeon can learn signal beam, i was thinking that "he's just going to shadow ball me".
    GG. Your Nape took one helluva hit and stayed standing. I thought we were going to draw via my LO recoil.
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