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  • "Clearly you have never taken a physics class before =/ I mean come on, at least post something a bit more viable."

    I encourage you to read the first word in the title of that thread.

    The same thread that holds pictures like a multi plug extension is plugged into itself for 'infinite power'.

    And just for the record, Ramblin' is a first year engineer so chances are he's taken a physics class.
    Sorry - I didn't realise you were on until now. Yeah, it's DP first on Shoddy, so I'm on the CAP server.
    My team is ready.
    I'm available to play every days from 9:00 to 11:00 GMT+2 except saturday
    No, I design a collectible card game for company in Texas. We actually only just recently got the license to Universal Fighting System, so I'm hoping to start working on that soon.
    Honestly, fuck if I know. I did alot of tests, I only the know the WISC-III because it's in my medical records. I do remember going to the UW for a whole day and being asked alot of questions by a few different people, but not much else about it.
    Yep, had the chance to go to college at 10 years old and my mom turned it down because she didn't think I could handle college (despite the fact that when they give youngsters college educations they tend to help them fit in, but my mother never made good decisions). But if I had gone, I'd probably be a lawyer or a physicist. I'm perfectly happy with game design.
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