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  • I should be online tonight. It's almost 7 pm where I live. Anways, my litwick comes only as an EV'd chandelure with 252 spA/ 4 spD/ 252 Spe evs.
    hi, i was wondering if i could trade for this poke
    25. ******
    Nickname: Alice| Ability:Water Absorb | OT:Eric (05588) (me)
    Nature: Bold| Gender: Female
    Caught: May 24, 2012| Catch Location: Route 18
    IV's: 31/4/31/31/31/31
    Hidden Power: n/a
    1) EV trained at level 100
    EV's: 252 HP/ 252 DEF/ 6 SPE| Moveset: Scald | Wil-O-Wisp | Recover | Taunt
    Item: Leftovers
    hi, one question, i need teach low kick to my shiny hariyama, u have HG or SS game for do this for me pls? u can keep a copy of my monster on 1 credit from my thread
    I don't normally use RNG Reporter (PPRNG is my expertise). In any case, what are you attempting to catch and where?
    Nothing else should change besides Timer0, so if you get anything different for the other parameters or if your Timer0 varies by more than 1 or 2 then you did something wrong. If it was just Timer0 changing slightly, then keep doing it until you see which value is more common.
    I'd do it maybe 3 times to start with. If you get the same Timer0 value every time then use that, if you get two different ones then keep doing it until you're satisfied that you hit one more often than the other.
    Timer0 usually varies between two values, and one of them is usually more common than the other, so it's recommended to calibrate 3 or 4 times to make sure the one you got is the more common one. Once you've found that, then you can move on to Time Finder.
    Parameters only care about the hardware, so even if you restart your game they'll stay the same as long as you keep using the same DS and cartridge.
    It actually is once you find your parameters :), Finding your parameters is just like doing the calibration phase is DPPt/HGSS.
    sorry about the late response, I was busy battling earlier but I was looking at the Wi-Fi blacklist to make sure I do not battle hackers or disconnectors. I can probably catch one for you on Platinum and shift it over if you need it :)
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