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  • Hi evan! the modest porygon i got turned out to have download, not trace. :( any chance i could get a quiet/modest one with trace? thanks!
    Oh I'm sorry, I just realized GIble doesn't have Outrage, I forgot to teach it. x.x

    We can trade after lunch if you want! I'm sorry! I forgot to move tutor it!
    Cool! :D
    Thank you. ;_;

    I should be ready to trade later today if you'd like to.
    Ok I'll be on WiFi in a few seconds. What are my redis rights to the two Swanna btw? You have Semi-redis rights to the Tyranitar but no trading rights for the Togepi.
    dang man, that sucks :/

    Sure, I can trade the Larvitar to you. The problem with it is that it doesn't have superpower. I'm planning to redo the larvitar so it has it.
    Ooh no, I was just wondering ^^ Got sick of schoolwork, wanted to do some RNG abuse in the mean time :P but it's not a problem, tomorrow is fine. :)
    This week ill try to ask GG if hes ready, uh, What I meant was is any of those latias was caught in Emerald?
    Well since you only trade in 5th gen, I have to pokeshift the 4th gen mons and stuff. I'll prolly do that tomorrow.
    No prob, I was away from my comp for a bit (though I brought my DS).

    But yeah, thanks for the trade! :) (the Regice is a freebie)
    Yeah. Meh, what the hell..I guess we can do the trade now. You know me - I use my White FC. (I still have your FC saved)
    Alrighty. :)

    As for the midterms, I had one two weeks ago on a Thursday (bombed this one). Had one last week on a Monday (did ok, at least I did better than the class average). And this week - on a thursday. After that, next midterm will be on 11/9.
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