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  • 5458 | 2505 | 6221 oh btw the Horsea is actually still in my 4th Gen Game I wont have it now but I will tomorrow
    Just got home, gotta have dinner, so should be ready in about an hour from now. Had a study group for yet another midterm tomorrow. =\

    (This one should be really easy this time, since this teacher is the easiest of all teachers in my campus)
    Got yer BP done. I'm not sure when we can trade them though as I've noticed that you're usually online when I'm in class so... :/
    I figured I was right all along, but alrighty then. o.o

    But yeah, no prob, mistakes happen all the time. I'm still not at home at the moment, but will be home somewhere around 7pm PST or something.
    Hey there, sorry I've been out. Anyway, regarding your cmt, I'll take jolly deoxys, dw female abra, Kaphotics chansey, and I'll pick out one or two more things after I think carefully depending on wether it was 4 or 5 things you wanted. I'll try to get them cloned as well.
    for now, I can give you:

    -HP Water Joltik
    -HP Grass Clampearl
    -HP Grass Timid Heat Rotom.
    -Timid HP Fighting Litwick in luxury ball.
    - Hasty HP grass Palkia

    As for the dusclops, I think you had a relaxed one that had the move gravity. I think it was Akira's or something. I just wanted to try one for a Gravity team I was planning to make.
    Yeah I'll do that Tyranitar BP when I get home. It will be semi-redis to you only. The Togepi is non-redis.
    Uh... I'd much rather not do a shiny 3rd gen BP as that requires me to use an emulator, and I already have a non-shiny Togepi like that.
    I browse, just next time mate be more careful, because some people will mistake it for seeking more posts, are some people are Obsessed, sorry for the misunderstanding.
    Trade Thread, yeh, I accidently did a CMT then changed it to ... you however said GL to a 6 month old thread.... why? :S
    That thread was closed and open since June, seriously if you want posts fast spam your own thread.

    We can trade whenever you'd like. ^_^
    And Gible isn't nicknamed, lol. I'll teach Gible outrage. What ball would you like it in? I think I had quick and great ball.
    Oh, hm...I hope it's not altered in a way... =\

    Anyway, sure, I suppose I'll take Iron Tyrant's Snivy.
    It's going to take me a little while to be ready, I'm leveling pokes up for someone right now
    I'm pretty sure I don't own any ErupTran with 0 speed IV...my Grass and Electric one has 3 IV's, and my Ice one has 2 IV's...you'd probably want to recheck on that. And I'm on campus at the moment, so can't trade yet.
    Um, really? I never owned an Oblivia Heatran with 0 speed IV's. =\

    Either way, we'll resolve this whenever we can meet up to conduct this trade.
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