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  • Thanks again Everstone. And don't worry I don't trade much now. Mostly just here or there. Been making friends mostly. I have fun battling. Can't wait to use this Arceus on my Uber team ;D
    Thank you so much Everstone, I really appreciate this. That Lapras is special to me. It's a natural shiny that I got in my fire red. You know at Silph co. there's a scientist that gives you a lapras? Well thats the Lapras he gave me turned out shiny go figure xD
    I don't see a FC that starts with those digits. The only one you have listed is your plat FC.
    Sorry I'f I'm frustrating you D:
    I still don't see you. This is the FC I added 4898 3955 0914 thats listed as your plat FC. Or are you using your HG?
    No, I'm not doing anything just waiting for you. I added your FC D:
    I'll log off and then go back on.
    You're an hour ahead of me. I can trade anytime usually after 8:00pm. So thats 9pm your time. Thanks again :D
    It's fairly common for pokemon fan's to name themselves Red when they join forums and such, or PkmTrnrRed if the screen name Red is taken. I'm not surprised you saw someone else with it xD

    And about the Arcues. I'd love one :O Been looking high and low can't seem to find one lol

    Thank you very much Everstone :D
    No sir. My youtube name isn't that. My youtube name is derived from a nickname my grandmother gave me. Arogante.
    Hey Everstone, just bugging you to tell you about your Bliss. The one I got from you about a year and a half ago if I recall correctly. Anyway I used it in a match and with counter I managed to take out a Gliscor, Gyarados, and Scizor xDDDD
    I managed to softboil through the match before taking a hit from each of those and managed to survive and counter on each of them. It was epic lol
    Just thought you might find this amusing. :)
    Kewl kewl, thanks so mch for all the presents Everstone, I'll add them to my thread after I've EV trained them. Going out for a bit just gonna finish up one trade then I'm gone for the night. It was nice catching up with you! I'll talk to you some more later :D
    thank you very much Everstone, its win2011 Celebii, whats that I've seen that somewhere before I don't know where xD
    Ones an Impish Skarmory :DDDDDDDDDDD
    I have a shiny one but I don't like the shiny one I like the non-shiny sprite better xD
    And yeah it hatched shiny but was normal lol.
    Sure thing Everstone, thank you very much ^-^
    I'm hatching the eggs, what a lovely surprise trading eggs is so much fun xD I love it!
    Ah don't worry, that was just me thinking out loud. Any present from you would be nice even if it was a Bidoof named Everstone ^-^
    Hmm, interesting question. Hmmmm, A decent TRU Arceues would be one, A TRU manaphy. Hmmmm what else....ah a ALAMOS Darkrai that would be cool. Hmmm I can't think of another two I've gotten alot of event pokemon xD Oh maybe a gamestop Deoxys cherish balls are kewl xDDD A decent Kyorge would be nice.
    Thats all I can think of o.o
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