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  • I absolutely didn't forget lol Expect to get it in a few hours from now because my friend will lend me his pen drive
    (I still had my pen drive which wasn't working so I couldn't save it and send it to you <.<)
    I forgot to add in this guy!

    Brave ♂
    Solid Rock
    248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def
    Thanks! :D

    EDIT: too late, just got your PM :P
    Hey EXIE, when are you available to trade? I'd like to get my hands on that Octillery BP you did for me months ago lol. Plus there are a couple of pokes I'd like from you as well. PMd you :D
    Okay, I'll check again tomorrow if there's something from yourself that I like.
    Hey, I know it's been a while. I tried last weekend for quite a while, to no avail. And since then I've been packed with work.
    Was planning to pick it up again tomorrow though.
    Really sorry for the wait :(. It was way easier on carts. I must've just been lucky in the past with roms.
    It's a hacked wondercard, which means it's hacked, no questions asked (Hack an Azure Flute. The Arceus caught after is hacked because it was not obtained in legal bounds or in legit bounds). Two, it's failing hack checks left and right from respected hack checkers who check for missing bits in programming, unusual data, etc.
    do you want to battle right now? i need to check the iv's of a shiny pokemon. im new to this btw. my game is pokemon diamond

    2536 9333 3317
    Hey, I got a randomish question for ya. Is your Celebi (the one in your thread) RNGd from a legit or hacked Wondercard?
    Something else. Can you explain why the default Happiness on the Celebi is wrong? And why the moves are in the wrong order (irrelevant, but eh)?

    And my legit Pokemon legal.exe has no issue with, so...
    Hey EXIE, happy to do the ID/SID reset for you, so long as you don't mind it taking a few days. What with Halloween this weekend schedule's pretty busy until Monday (unless I can get it done tomorrow evening).
    PM me with details if that's not a problem :)
    sorry, no i can't :(

    it's fine just let me know whenever you can connect to wifi. thank you for remembering this, though :)
    what kind of payment are you looking for? and the payment should be after the service please. :)
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