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  • Hey EE! Its nice to see that you are still here :)
    Yep, thats probably what im gonna do. I checked the machine time and the last version of my thread didn't have my last updates, so its useless for me :(
    I just got the white version 2 and i wanted to breed pokes again. could you tell me if theres a new way for the rng abuse? ive been disconnected from the pokeworld for a while!
    Thanks man! im happy to talk with you again :)
    i got it fixed, and i understand now that i should use only one account. thank you for the help tho
    can you unban my other account (N Harmonia)? I need it unbanned for a brief period of time so I can log out of it. when I try to do anything on the forums, its says that I've been banned due to warnings, so I can't log out of it to log into this one
    It didn't get uploaded on Youtube.....
    I have the .FLV file with me and can send it to you if you'd want to see it.
    Congratulations !
    But were you the one to upload that video?
    The upload date was in 2009...
    And if you were the one, then I am incredibly jealous of you, how come I never got any legendary Pokemon while playing.

    P.S. : I'll back up my Emerald save and play my battle against Palace Maven Spencer (Gold) on an Emu, so that I can record it.
    I beat him using my Lead Heracross.
    And yeah the first time my streak broke was 39, I got frustrated and moved to the Arena for a while.
    hahahaha..yes, I fought him again today in the Battle Tower.
    "every battle has a smell".....hahahaha, exactly what he said.

    And now, the only facility left for me is Pyramid, I've gotten gold symbols on all other facilities.
    Hey EE!
    Just thought about sharing this incident with you- yesterday, I was playing in a Battle Frontier Facility (Dome, I think) on my Emerald cart and guess who I fought......................Expert Evan. I don't have a battle video but it was kind of funny for me !
    Ah that's alright :) I opened a shop with cosmic Jeff back in the days. Guess there's lots to catch up for me
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