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  • Hey, are we ever going to get the Falcons started again? I would love to go in next year to VGC as the Falcons. Just let me know of the current status of the group :)
    Hey, I should be good to play today if you can. Just give me a time, or if you use IRC, PM me on there!
    Yeah, sorry, I've been pretty busy lately. I should be on a bunch this weekend to do this though.
    Hi, we got matched up in R1 for the VGC tournament. I live in PST and usually get home from work on weekdays at 7pm and sleep at 11pm. On weekends I can be on at any time. Let me know when you're free.
    Hey Fightgar, do you think you can send me the falcons logo through here on Smogon? I'm designing my T-Shirt
    no problem bro, i managed to make it to top 32 but lost after losing a crucial speed tie =/
    o well, i had a great time =]
    hey I'm one of the new recruits of the falcons and i heard from tds that you'll be ordering falcons shirts for vgc, online. Is there anyway you could get me one? I would surely pay you back at the newark event
    I'm not sure if I'm just mental or something else, but I can't see your picture or extract its location from your post in the VGC album thread. =/ (I'm trying to update the OP, no luck so far.)
    Hey Fightgar, sorry for taking so long, my parents took my DS and I just got it back. Anyway, I'll be avaliable tomorrow, so drop me a VM when you see me online.
    Evd dailga, ninetails, ho-oh and mewtwo
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