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  • fuck i replied to someone's vm on my own wall again i fucking suck at this
    Oh, hi, Fishy. Man, it's been like forever.

    No, he doesn't, which I'm pleased about. It might be because I finally got a job, but he trusts me more. Anyway, yeah, I am a junior in high school, and AP US History's giving me horrible school nightmares. Brrrr.

    I'll pick out a college as soon as I figure out what I want to do, I guess. And how's your life? Are you in college, or out of it, or what?
    package everything?? oh man and I thought I was just getting a new little friend for my pokemon collection, now you're getting my hopes up gurrrll!

    i have a long weekend too but it isn't for the same reason! I just got my wisdom teeth out and omg so much pain. and i'm not even supposed to smoke the pain away. :(
    but yeah we don't have Target here, but they just bought out Zellers, so we're getting one soon!! i remember you told me they actually had decent clothes for a department store so i'm pretty ready for that :D

    so very excited to meet my new friend when it arrives omg i'm gonna post a pic JUST for you <3 when can i expect it??
    I apologize if that's the way it came off; i certainly didn't mean to imply that "tone" was only used in that context, just that that context was what had given the word its bad reputation. One bad apple spoils the bunch and all that
    jesus christ apparently i said "fishy you anorexic whore you better not exercise you fucking bitch?" no, that's actually not what i said. what i said was in no way directed at you >.>
    fufufu, I'll try to stalk your posts and post in threads you care about even MORE now that I know this.
    haha, no doubt! marowak is viable, you just have to be careful with him. his ability is what makes him so useful, besides having a thick club bestowing monstrous attack on him. lightning rod redirects electric attacks, most popularly thunder wave. he's a great support mon while also BRINGING THE RUCKUS to your opponents.

    tokyo is lovely, everyone needs to visit japan. especially when they're young.
    being the champion player that you are (!), do you think he still has any competitive use. I know he's deadweight in the Smogon metagames but how about VGC? That might just be enough to make me pick it up at long last (Havak's been nagging me for years)...

    and yeah, I guess the guys gave me a good reference out there because Glen just messages out the blue all 'if you're ever in Tokyo...' so I'm hoping to take him up on it when I get some time off in December. I seem to be stalking you with a huge time-delay...first I follow you to Glasgow and now Tokyo. Coincidence, honest!
    oh boy can we!

    My favorite MAROWAK. It's...cute...lovely... think so?...oh's...stunning it! Hug it...when...sleeping...warm and cuddly...
    spectacular...ravishing... ...Oops! Look at the time! I kept you
    too long! Thanks for hearing me out! No bicycle voucher for you though!

    I am vexed by my lack of cubone/marowak merchandise, I have a cubone t-shirt (from redbubble, not the pokemon151 one...doesn't fish have one of 'em?so jealous >_< i'm kinda keen to get that design as a tattoo but don't know if I'll ever build up the guts) and some 1 inch figurines but that's it! Was Tokyo the melting pot of marowak merchandise that I dream it to be? Please say yes because I'm hoping to get out there and hook up with glen sometime soon!
    The amount of love I have for the oracle games is insane. I've beaten those two in every combination with every partner too many times to count. The fact there is no speed-run of OoA on speeddemosarchive annoys me to no end and I'm considering running it if I ever get a gameboy player and the stuff to record it.
    Hey Fishy, I saw your pictures in the photo album thread, I just want to say I think you're very attractive.

    oh oh OH OH

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