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  1. Why do so many people around the world dislike America and the people who inhabit it?

    being an american and not having a lot of friends who live outside the country, I'm really not in the best position to talk about this, but I would tend to guess that people who live in other countries, both similar and different then the US; probably do not spend a lot of time dwelling on the...
  2. Where do you buy your clothes?

    whenever I buy clothes, I know exactly what I want. This way, I can walk into stores, buy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and maybe a sweater or something, then walk out, and be done with all my clothes shopping for the newt 6 months. aside from that, I get most of my jeans from AE (35 dollar...
  3. What is your current job?

    I work at a tropical fish store. It's really pretty great.
  4. Songs you're sick of hearing

    fireflies and run this town. both are WAY to popular.
  5. Online Sports Betting - Free and Fun

    It's really very fun, albeit not very profitable :P
  6. Mobile?

    before my itouch was stolen, I used smogon and the forums all the time, and it worked great.
  7. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Sprite Submissions

    I'm no spriter, but I'd say that one of the problems with the back spikes is that they just look like they're floating behind the rest of the body, instead of sticking out of it. (Because of the lack of value change around them.) Other then that, it's amazing.
  8. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 10 - Art Poll 3

    doug's is the perfect mixture of cuteness and badassedness, and because of this it gets my vote. (even though the horns kinda look like they're just floating there.)
  9. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 10 - Art Poll 1

    greenmamba cartoons! wyverii scampy dougjustdoug cyzirvisheen they're the best ones. I really like the buffalo doug. But god there were a lot to choose from :/
  10. Homecoming time! Tell your stories!

    yeah, making out and dirty dancing at the same time is a lot better.
  11. Very Bored - Need Video Game Recommendations

    Buy AOE 2 and its expansion. If you get really into it (it's kind of addictive) you'll be entertained for at least 3 months. I also think i heard something about AOE 4, but I don't remember that well
  12. Lil. Wayne

    Actually, the only thing I like about him is his voice, and it's relative uniqueness makes him a good guest artist. He's also a very good live performer if you ask me (saw him at the rose garden). Other then that there's not much good about his music.
  13. Wyoming Tournament Round 4 (Loser's Round!)

    lost to bobtheball4 in 2 "good" games :P
  14. AT&T Starts to Censor the Internet. Picks Perfect Target: /b/

    I really can't wait to see what mildly humorous plan /b/ users come up with for getting their revenge, but other then that it doesn't affect me much.
  15. Tasse du Wyoming autour de 2!

    lost the first game won the second and then lost the third good luck and GGs Kevin.