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  • well then, I hoe you had fun whatever you were going to do, I didnt read your last message, I went to bed by then :D
    As you are a credit holder in my thread, I would like to inform you that the XD pokemon are in :)!
    I'm on pokécheck right now, I might not respond right away because I am working on something for school at the moment.
    I saw a vietnamese gold or something on youtube, that was hilarious to see with skewed english :P
    go drifblim :P nah, you should just attack attack attack :P and everything will faint because dying is silly after being hit by a thunderbolt
    that sounds more creepy then it should be :P giving money to a hiker that uses explosive rocks :P
    double team, always great, I hat ethat stuff in these games.
    miss miss miss miss miss hit paralyzed miss miss
    heh, well might as well I suppose :P but dustox is still my favourite of the two :P
    ugh, spanish, its like french :P never got it though, they dont teach that stuff, only french english and german, and some dead languages like latin :P
    heh, well, I know some langages, dutch, english, bit of french, and german basically :P currently trying to work on japanese but ive been so busy lately :P
    indeed they do :P better be learning korean as well then after I finish up japanese XD
    ah well, I guess I can say the same, well, dutch is kinda easy, but my work requires me to read and type english most of the time :P sometimes speak but thats only on occasion XD
    heh, well, theres more people trying to do that, its just what you are used to :P
    you dont like to speak chinese then? :P
    its with a K in dutch XD might be with a C :P
    I hear chinese all the time, chinese old people flat just behind my house XD
    ni hao, which one, mandarin or kantonese? or both? :P its a beautifull language to hear, or at least mandarin is :P
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