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  • hey been a while
    i wuz just wondering...
    what's your favorite tier?
    i was thinking about something i call 'tier champions' on pokeshadow
    for more details, a message is on 'inside scoop'
    personally, i respect you being as good as you are so i want to make you a 'tier champion'
    Alright, got a small cold. and btw i wont be too active till sun as im going to my cousins for a phew days.
    GL with thunderus.
    if you want to chat, im on #smogon wifi, as i dont have skype here.
    Not sure about the steps, I just used a frame 1 spread, which is much easier. Also, when he's roaming at routes with Pokémon lower then him, you can use a lvl ~39 Pokémon with Max Repel, so you won't encounter other Pokémon.

    And for the Button Press Combo, at 1 sec before your actual time, click the game and right after that hold the button as seen in the Combo. Don't release that button until the Gamefream movie stars. So when you see that star shooting over your screen, you can let go and proceed into the game.

    Just hit me with more VM's when you're stuck. :)
    Thanks :D In case you have the wrong nature, just turn it off and try again. You cannot inluence the nature of a roamer.. So just save in front of the exit of that house, and keep trying until you get the right nature. Also, if you are finding yourself a nice spread, don't forget to check the Roaming Pokémon box. I forgot that on first try xD
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