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  • i got the shiny timid ability: trace, porygon egg. im now iv rng abusing for the hidden power
    i already got two IV spreads for porygon-z's Hidden Power fighting in both an even frame and an odd frame... i still am reseting my DS constantly for an Ability 0 (adaptability for porygon-z and trace for the pre-evos) shiny timid/modest taps. ill be done with it in a couple of days unless i get really lucky ;)
    Alrite, I can't say thanks enough. Whenever you have it, we can set up a time to meet on wifi. Depending on what time zone you live in, this might cause a problem, but hopefully we can get a time thats convenient for both of us
    okay first of all my name may be greed, but im the nicest, politest greedy person on smogon... i said i needed one to so it well simply be done ahead of schedual... it is free :)
    i could rng you one... it will be flawlessly IVed and Free... i need one too. it will take a couple of days though and will came untrained at lv1. Okay?
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