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  • Hello, I was wondering if I could claim my prize whenever it's convenient. I'm in EST. What time of day do you usually get on?
    I'll be on today, Jan. 12, 2012 from 1:00pm. to 3:00pm. EST. Hopefully I'll catch you today [in a Master Ball!] since I think you're on around that time usually.
    Hi, I was wondering if you have time to trade me the Salamence from the [New Year's Giveaway: Gale of Darkness] giveaway?
    Yea I am not doing that. You can go on ahead and report me then, and if the thread gets shut down, it gets shut down. It is not possible to know exactly who bred/rng'd everything I have, because I didnt get every single thing from the original rnger or breeder its self. I hope that this makes you feel better by doing this... you win.
    ok then since we are going to be mature... why not educate me... you say that none of the pokes on my thread are named. What more are you looking for.... accept for the few pokemon that are missing ID no and OT, (note the word few) what more am I supposed to put on the thread to be more specific?

    Also, there are a few that I cannot put the OT because I dont have the japanese text to be able to add the correct OT.... nor do I speak Japanese.

    EDIT: You are correct... which is why there arent any hacks on my thread, and most likely nothing on the thread that has redis rights either, because I do my research and find out if it is REDIS while also doing a hack check before I put it on the thread.
    So then... since you have nothing better to do than to sit on your computer and flame someone you dont even know... why dont you go through my thread, find out what is on there illegally, and contact them yourself?
    Ok so do you just want to fight with me or what? How many times do I have to say that I will fix that? Are you purposefully ignoring that part of the text, just in order to argue? Now I really want to know what your problem is... For someone who seems so matter of fact and specific, I find it hard that you would ignore the fact that I not only admitted to my mistake, but committed to fix it. Please tell me... what more do you want?

    One thing that I will do when I contact a moderator is have them review the entire situation. Do not harrass me over something that I said I would fix just because you feel like argueing with some random guy on the internet for no reason.

    Maybe you just have to have the last word or something? I dont know, but your sounding younger and younger the more this conversation continues.
    OK and so if any of the original trainers have a problem with it, they can contact me. I am a very reasonable person, and in the past I have put stuff on my thread that should not be there because of its redis rights. In those situations, I apologize, promptly remove it, and try to track down the person who traded it to me in the 1st place. I do my best NOT to accept pokes that are not fully-redis on purpose... Specifically to avoid this.

    If this situation does happen, it is usually because someone ELSE did not folllow the original trainer's redis rights... And that original trainer needs to be careful who they trade with, because it aint me who is breaking their rules.

    Even though you are really a pain in the ass, I appreciate you bringing those rules to my attention. I do not want to break any rules, so I do my best to try to abide by them.
    No... if I were doing it purposefully, I would ignore you, and not change the information. I am changing it, because I recognize I made a mistake, and am going to fix it.

    Wow I dont know what your problem with me is, but its prolly best if we dont interact in the future. I think that you should report me anyways, just so this stuff can be out in the open, so that there is a moderator who has seen this conversation. Matter of fact, dont worry about it... I will let a moderator know about the situation myself.

    EDIT: Oh and BTW, you are right... I did not RNG any of these myself. I did recieve almost ALL of them through trade only. It sounds like you are hating on the fact that I did this. That is too bad. There is no rule that says that I cannot list stuff I got in trade FOR trade in the shop. Please read my rules, buecause it expressly talks about the fact that all of my pokes are fully-redis.
    Dont try to make it seem as if i am purposefully withholding information.
    Specifically to you frogohollic, I am asking you to please keep this type of chatter OFF of my thread. f you dislike me or the way I do things, just report me, or try to be civil and adult about it, and send me a PM to discuss.
    Ok... wow you got me... You found two pokemon (out of like OVER a hundred) on my thread that I just forgot to put the trainer information on. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, and I will make the necessary changes.
    Before you try to go through my thread with a fine tooth comb to point out inconsistencies (which I have no idea what your problem is anyways, or why you feel its necessary to attempt to paint me in a bad light) please note that there are actually about 10 or 12 on the thread that are missing the trainer info. Just to make sure I am following the rules, I will be making edits to the thread to show that. I assumed that with the fact that damn near every other poke on the thread has almost every possible bit of information on it, that one would say just assume I forgot it.
    Platinum FC: 3524-1754-3511. I have White if you want to trade in 5th gen instead. Can trade whenever.

    EDIT: thanks man :)
    VMing for semi-redis XD Dragonite. Can trade any time on Saturday the 7th anytime before 3:30 pm (EST), had a little change in schedule.
    Oh, classes start next week, so I may only be available to trade on weekends if around this time.
    Yeah sure. You can tutor it Outrage? I can't trade right now but hopefully we can get it done sometime this week
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