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  • I think the Gothorita got sniped
    Odd, it's still there. Is your Articuno between lv 71-80? I thought I read it was lv 78 on the thread. I redeposited it anyway. Thanks for noticing!
    yeah that Yveltal is great, I'd love to add that to the thread! Just tell me how many you need cloned. I clone using a Powersav (and that's the only code I use too, I refuse to modify Pokemon or anything like that).

    Also, don't worry about limits: I designed the thread so users could get as many Pokemon as they need.

    My Friendcode is 2165-8678-3528, just give me a buzz when you're ready!
    I cloned your Yveltals!
    Awesome, thank you! Thing is, I can't redistribute until I can clone successfully, so it probably won't be going anywhere. Apart from Yveltal, I don't have anything else, just stuff anyone can breed. I really hate wasting time SR, but Yveltal is my favorite pokemon.
    Yveltal; Mild
    EV: 24 HP / 50 Atk / 252 SpA / 184
    IV: 29/28/29/31/31/31

    I forgot why I gave him that spread. Sorry! It was an older spread on smogon way back.
    I'm practicing how to catch a tyrogue before attempting to catch beldum.
    Just a few questions:
    1.-What is the purpouse of knowing where are going to appear those patches?
    2.-I have to activate the pokeradar and find out which patch yields my target mon, then advance the frame to my shiny patch frame and activate the pokeradar one more time..right?
    (kaph posted: "First we must chain something. If we don't have a chain, we can't have any shiny patches")
    the guide says "substract 9 as a safe normal from your chained patch to determine wich frame to advance before using the pokeradar"..i dnk what should i do
    thanks for your help man everything worked fine ,but I'm still analyzing the information that you kindly gave me.I´ll let you know if i have some problem
    EDIT: I made i mistake, but nvm i read everything again, step by step.

    ID:00691/ SID:44401
    Initial seed: 3F121ED8
    PokéRNG Nature: Naughty
    RNG Reporter Nature(under chained shiny): Adamant

    16BitHigh Column: 0007
    Shiny Patch Frame:156

    Then, i searched a seed at a frame higher than the shiny patch frame:
    what option should i use for the reasearcher ?, LCRNG, LCRNGR,IRNG or ARNG
    I know i don´t have the best stuff but i´ll give you infinite credits for your help
    ok, .how can i search those high frames? I´m using wichu´s prng.
    964 is the highest frame that i´ve found so far
    And thanks for your help, you´re the first one who answers my questions so fast.
    Hi, i was wondering if you could help me, i saw that you catch some stuff with the pokeradar and i want to catch my own beldum.I´ve asked to another users since 3 months ago but they couldn´t give me any useful information.
    This is what I know so far, I need to hit my seed inside a house, walk to the midle of a big patch of grass, use the pokeradar and take count of how many patches appear, catch the mon and verify my current frame..
    But i don´t get consitent results, i know that if i hit the same delay the same patches will show in the same place.
    BTW: Do i need a specific id/sid in order to use your method?,i used to have a shiny spread (adamant 31/30/30/22/30/31), but deleted the file...
    I'm GMT, and usually about 6pm my time. if timezones become an issue I can trade it to someone closer to your timezone, and they can trade it to you.
    Hi, sure. Just give me a date/time and I'll meet you on Wifi :) (time giving me the timezone to properly adjust ofc :P)
    I misplaced my Pearl card and wasn't able to find it last night. Sorry for the inconvience. D:
    Sure, I can give you your Mew now. What is your FC and what Mew did you want? Please use my Pearl FC.
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