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  • as usual. b/w wifi probs and a connection that is not working properly ~_~ but I have the dratini with me so you could come on and maybe it'll work lol -...
    gimme ~20 minutes, I'm currently trading with someone else. I'll come back to you after this ok? ^^
    Ok. I'm pretty sure you'll end up picking something that I already have though but you never know. I did end up getting redis rights to a killer XD Zapdos.
    of course! I just need to get it cloned, I might be able to trade in ~6 hours from now ^^"
    Just dumb luck it seems. Something similar happened while I was trying to distribute for a giveaway, but I never figured out why. I'll move closer to the router and see if something changes.
    I dunno what's standard on Jelly since I've never used him before, but it has 250 HP instead of 252 (which is what I'm used to see on tanks) which leads me to think that some points were moved to speed (44) in order to outspeed a foe Jelly with the same set.
    alright. done here. Interesting EV spread on jellicent though, but seems right. Also the Haxorous now has outrage :P
    He actually gave a lot of pokemon that time, through .pkm files if I remember correctly. I laughed because I decided to do some EV training in my platinum recently and realized they were lurking in there :P
    Oh ok, it's just that the nickname was familiar... anyway, gotta level up these guys :P
    So, you have gone from saying I am "absolutely abhorrent" to saying the way I sort stuff out "isn't the best way", and completely dropped how I do it to others? If you wish to change your standing, please, again, provide examples with context.
    This seems more reasonable to me, but in future if you don't wish to support your statements (either because you "don't want to", or you simply can't), don't make them in the first place.
    Anyway, the rest of your post is purely opinions. In regards to trying to sort it out with Impact, he was not providing any answers, even after my hours of pursuing (I'm guessing he is either he is literally incompetent or was hiding something, what other reasons can you come up with?). You can imagine this was frustrating, and possibly worth taking to a higher level given I simply couldn't communicate with him.
    Regardless, I would prefer it if you kept your insults and baseless comments off my page.
    Yes, I was disrespectful to Impact, because he was a dirty liar who could not even face up to asking simple questions. I do not respect those who prey on the new.
    Although, this seems to be absolutely fine the the Smogon community. Do you think he would take so long, and use delaying tactics to answer simple questions, say he is doing things that are utterly impossible, and delete VMs that I have proven to be contradictory if he was a 100% honest and good person? I suggest you take another unbiased look and him and understand the circumstances before you make any judgement about me. I don't know what your problem with trying to get him to 'slip up' is, if you are so sure he has nothing to hide. Someone like that would have answered the questions long before I had to state them as obviously as that (since he seemed incapable of deciphering sentences).
    I don't know what you mean by 'others'. Examples (with context) please.
    Fine with me!
    You can usually get in touch with me at all times of the day since I use my phone for Smogon.
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