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  • couldn't tell you honestly, i think on one of the browsers if you add the scms link to your bookmarks it doesn't work unless you do something special, i just always go to when i need to get to it :/
    Pretty much. You're welcome to provide input in discussions in either PR or IS, but be careful about posting in that you are sure you know what you're talking about and have something valuable to provide.
    it's a badge to show that you've been actively contributing and are a valued member of the community. It gives you access to inside scoop so you can see the inner workings of the site. Though, the badge isn't permanent, which is the catch, so if you disappear or stop working for an extended amount of time without attaining another badge then it'll be stripped and you'll lose your access. Think of it as a stepping stone to Contributor.
    The perks of having Inside Scoop access n_n

    (actually that's a lie, DittoCrow congratulated me on getting OM mods and when I went to thank him he was viewing your profile lol)
    Hi, thanks!

    I like the fact that I am now 18 years old, this means that (by brazilian laws) I am now an adult. I feel that this month will change a lot of things on my life :3
    Hi, thanks for the check. I've made the edits for the Croagunk analysis and I have a question. You changed the words 'set up alongside' to 'boost up alongside'. If I'm going to say boost, is the word up needed; shouldn't it just be 'boost alongside'?
    Heh, saw what you did with the latias analysis. I had actually started checking it myself but... eh, there was so much to go through and so much I wanted to take out, I figured it was probably a better idea to just avoid it. Nice one, though!
    Thanks for the prompt and detailed response! It's definitely worth sorting this stuff out to make a better analysis. I'll keep your points in mind when I implement your GP check. After it has been completed, I will post a "changelog" that details the relevant changes.
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