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  • Lets try and do this tomorrow, I don't really know a specific time, Ill just be on when I can, and you do the same.
    yo gato, thought i'd let you know before you get too far into laddering for dark horse: sealcub made it with amoonguss, and molk like just made it with slowbro, so both your dark horses have been taken for the month. feel free to update your registration post with new selections once you've chosen em
    don't stack checks, like wait until the check before is implemented before doing another; but otherwise yeah
    nooooooo im not back!! just temporarily have a small window of time in between now and leaving for college in a few days; that, and superjocke asked me to :P

    gl getting on the team! you'll get there~
    hmm since youve already gone through it, maybe repost the changes you got that I missed? the next checker will surely see it :3
    "this kind of strategy is not favorable for a Pokemon like Gurdurr" is correct / acceptable; not all instances of "like" are absolutely wrong!

    what's incorrect is if you use "like" to mean "such as"; something along the lines of "a person like me" or "a pokemon like gurdurr" is fine actually
    uhhhh, at least you can compare the changes and see what you missed I guess? if you have any comments or questions on my check feel free to vm, etc etc -- haha, if nothing else, it was good practice anyway :>
    Can we have a tutoring session tomorrow night at 5:40 PM (4:40 PM your time) ? I really really really want to have one last session with you before the round ends ^_^
    Length of time can vary, but if you wanna hop on for a bit now, we can at least discuss some stuff ^.^
    I'm almost always on around this time of night; otherwise, it varies by day. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I'm on a lot, Tuesdays I work 12 hours straight, and weekends I'm usually at work, though still around in the early afternoon. I'm EST, if that makes a difference~
    Thanks. I've been pretty inactive around here but who knows, maybe I'll get back into it. Good to know for sure
    Yeah, I got it. I haven't had the time to review everything (8 other am GPers hit me up at around the same time, but I wanna give you all equal treatment >.>), but whenever I catch you on IRC, we can talk about your checks~

    I'd respond via PM, but IRC is a lot easier for asking questions, generating feedback, and discussion in general ^.^
    Hey, I'll be on Groudon's Grotto now if you want to be tutored ^_^

    I'd be glad if we could get some few sessions in before the tutoring round is over so you can learn more stuff :)
    I've been at it for a couple of months. I suggest looking at other's checks and see what your doing wrong. =] That's what I did ^_^
    Gato, you go to Alabama? What are you majoring in, you might know my friend that went to Bama

    Go Tide
    yeah my science teachers were all fantastic throughout high school and they revolutionized my philosophy on education. i also had a really awesome science teacher in middle school. i doubt i could ever go into teaching myself however... my friends tell me i'm very condescending when i help people with their work and i think they're right. i don't think it's the kind of job i'll ever do well lol
    university of waterloo in ontario, canada. i'm a city kid (born in toronto, also in canada) where as waterloo is a bit of a ways out, but a reasonable environment regardless. it's pretty average, except for a world-class coop program where it arranges work terms interspersed through your study. companies agree with the university to offer jobs to inexperienced lower-years in exchange for hiring access to higher year, qualified students at the kind of wages you'd have to pay a student (ie lower than an adult employee). as a result, students of my university have 20 months of work experience coming out of uni (in exchange, the total time in uni goes from 4 years to 4 yrs + 8 months). that's basically the only thing waterloo has going for it, but it is a BIG thing, obviously. you get paid too ofc, so it offsets the tuition costs.

    and props on aerospace, a few of my friends are going into some intense engineering programs and i know at least one of them wants to go into aero
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