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  • sí, quieres el gligar de dive ball y heracross en love ball con redis rights no?
    pero hasta el jueves puedo pasarte eso, ya termine el semestre............ porfin
    Nope, I use a retail cart not an emulator for 3rd gen RNG's and its way too hard for me to do shinies since I need Microsoft Excel to do it and it costs quite a bit of money.
    I dont remember, But I need a few extra minutes, I Just finished RNG abusing a calm Wigglytuff in Pokemon Emerald so I need to tutor it and Pal Park it to my Platinum.
    Yup I know :), Can you also tell me the other trade? I think there was 2 more besides this, Are you able to catch the Cresselia for me too?
    Is Chimchar okay? I just checked on my White and I did transfer it :( And sure I just need to make some room on my game since I need to Pal Park my XD Pokemon and then I need to name Chimchar and Mamoswine.
    I will take the Luxury Ball Beldum but can you name it "Metagross" uncapped? And I need to see if I do have the Infernape cause I think I transfered it to my White version.
    Can you remind me every trade that we need to complete? I need some time to make room on my Platinum cart since all my boxes are full.
    Are you available to trade? Cause I do have some time but you need to remind me what the trades were so I can transfer some stuff to my SS for room.
    Hi sorry I have not been available to trade, I can finish up our trades today sometime though.
    thanks and sorry i didn't get you what you wanted. ill try to learn shiny 3rd gen abuse sometime.
    Ok, let me know when.

    And, I'll try my best to get her tutored and transferred. It takes a while to get BP in Emerald :x
    hi. only non-shinies, i only have a metang with double-edge and body slam at the moment.
    Yes it does gain Magic Guard when it evolves in 4th/5th gen. However, I still didn't tutor it yet and it's still on my Emerald cart :x

    Do you want to pick up Yanma now?
    Well I also got an UT TRU Arceus (Adamant) (Flawless) just in case that interests you... I only got that last night so I haven't even added that to my list.
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