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  • I don't think I'll ever clone your Azelf or Jirachi, sorry. :p
    Maybe you can try the SQSR Forums? :)

    And you're welcome, and I know. :p I've already released them since nonredis Pokemon are worthless to me.
    Nah, sorry, I can't clone Jirachi or Azelf, as I said I'd only do 1 trade max. :(
    Ok, & in future I'll only do cloning if I can redis. :p
    Wait, so none of them are redis? D:
    But I said I'd only clone if at least one of them was redis lol. xD
    Ok lol... but I said I'd only do them for redis rights on at least one.
    Okay, I'm in wifi now. :)
    Oh, and the Pokemon I'm trading to you are NOT junks, so can you trade them back after the trade? Thanks!
    Oh yay, so I get redis rights on one of them? I'm coming online in 3 mins, sorry, just saw your message. And I'm bringing 2 copies of Piplup in aswell.
    Edit: I can do 3 of them, though, since it will only take one trade.
    But I'm only interested if I can get redis rights on one of them, I hate non redis Pokemon. =)
    Haha damn, I'm afraid that's too many, sorry!
    I kind of have a phobia for cloning after I cloned 6 copies of 23 Pokemon for Iambaney.
    Oh lols. =P In that case, I have the exact photocopy of the aforementioned sceptile, except that mine is shiny. As a result, I have zero motivation to breed another one, sorry! I can trade the shiny sceptile if you want, if you didn't dislike shinies so much.
    What is the BP you'd like me to do, though? I'm just curious, probably won't have time till 3 days later.
    Sure, I can trade in about 30 minutes (have another trade first) and when I get the information from you I'll start (give me some time to complete them since I do not own an AR and don't have access to unlimited vitamins).
    I saw you needed an EV trainer, check my EV training service if you still need EV training done.
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