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  • I'm on smogon server if you want,for hoenn cup. But not for a long time.
    Actually I think I need time to work on my team, and my family is dragging me along to a bunch of stuff today so I dont think we can battle. Well be back from vacation around the 20th- the deadline is the 27th so we should have no problems battlinf before then.
    Alright, just give me a time in the near future as I have a plane to catch in about 28 hours. I'll try to be on IRC all day on #dreamworld or #worldcup so shoot me a message either there or on here when you feel up to battling.
    ok, im GMT-5. i guess ill just try and catch you on and if that doesnt work we'll set up a specific time.
    oi we're opponents for RU tournament! I'm on summer vacation right now so I can get on at almost any time, but we may have to battle soon because I'm going away in the near future. Tell me when you want to battle and as along as it isnt too late my time (Im GMT -6) I can probably swing it.
    hey so i'm your opponent for the value system tourney, I just have to make my team and I'll be ready. Are you free tomorrow at all? I'm est-5 and can be on anytime thoughout the day really.
    hey can we play now?
    please answer this quicky,because I don't have much time here today
    we gotta battle for the hoenn cup.I'm at gmt -3 and am pretty active. tell me when is good for you
    Hello we're paired for Hoenn Cup. Tomorrow I'll be on from 5:00 AM to 6:30 PM GMT -5, let me know when can we battle.
    hey dude we gotta battle for the nostab tour vm me at time you might be available plz
    Do you have a skype, msn or the like? Actually deciding on something here is impossible with these extremely slow message delivery times..
    I'm really sorry i couldn't make the time, i had to take my grandfather to the hospital..

    are you on now?
    So, we're up in the pro-choice tourney, how about we decide on a time?

    I'm in timezone GMT+1.
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