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  • Hahaha Sadly I was brawling it up ... But I'll be seeing if my match with Pikachuun can be done today
    Ok then, I'll contact you when I have a good time to do it. I look forward to our match! (And my inevitable defeat.)
    Ok, I've got a (decent) team built for the tournament. I can probably battle you later today. Would that work out?
    yeah your team is certainly well-built
    I like the idea of conkeldurr as I happened to be using the same set (well not exactly, I've only done two battles with it but I made that team before seeing your rmt :D)
    I can't find many flaws but how do u deal with slowking with tr / surf or hydro / psychic / np
    idk if it OHKOes ttar as its hard to run calcs on phone
    sry but I can't see how your team deals with volcarona
    252 SpA Keldeo Hydro Pump vs. +1 240 HP / 0 SpD Volcarona: 252-296 (67.92 - 79.78%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    volcarona can simply qd on the same turn and roost the next
    in the sun its even worse
    hmmm i do hope people agree with me that keldeo is not broken, i am becoming really attached to the little guy.
    lol im on a macbook as well i had to fucking buy a mouse just to not fail at life

    trust me its a good investment
    Drought Entei... Can't say I've ever thought of that...

    I was debating between Arcanine or Heatran (I don't know why that's not banned), but even then there are still plenty of other possibilities out there.
    Yeah, I do enjoy seeing creativity being used on teams. I try to implement that myself on most of my teams, trying out weird stuff that people don't typically use. Still trying to make a really good Zoroark team...

    Also, I have Drought. Not exactly ideal, since I have to work with putting a Fire type on my team that isn't Darmanitan or Victini, but it does give me a good deal of power to abuse. Would've preferred Rain or even Hail, but it works. I'm considering trying out TNT's core for lack of imagination.
    Yep. Never used it. I've always thought they were boring and don't vary much. Weatherless teams tend to be more interesting, plus they don't take up a team slot with a weather inducer. (By the way, by "weather," I refer to Sun and Rain only. I have no problem with Sand and Hail, though I haven't used those either.)

    And thanks for the compliment about my Garchomp team. I was hoping to make a team that could counter opposing weathers, but clearly that didn't turn out well against that bulky Venusaur...
    Thanks for that. To be honest, I'm in a bit of a bad situation with this whole tournament since I've never actually used weather before. I usually prefer weatherless to avoid building cliche teams that just mindlessly spam things. Now I'm forced out of my comfort zone...
    Ok then. I still need to work on my team some more, but I'll try to get that done as soon as possible.

    I'm likely going to get killed anyway.
    haha nice, don't throw your life away though it's super addicting xD (as i get online to play a game)

    friend me, username is ocean of sand
    Post that in the thread as a quote response to his shitty comments. Just quite his post and put that underneath. That Charizard sweep was golden.
    NP. When you go and top the ladder with SF Conk, you got my respect. You should put up a good replay of that Charizard set in the thread so that guy shuts up a bit too lol.
    You know, there's something I just thought about regarding your Fantasy Pokemon League. What do you think will happen when someone picks a really powerful threat with few counters and checks (like RP Landorus, for example), and then those counters and checks are scattered amongst some of the participants? Some might not have an answer to the threat and get totally annihilated by it. That is, of course, assuming they even face it. Just an interesting thing to think about. I guess this could be a potential problem with the system, or it could be an interesting way of finding out what threats require very specific answers to. What do you think?
    It sucks that Charizard has a terrible omen that follows any user who uses it, because in the sun it can actually hold its own. Don't stop using it just because people may tease you for it. As long as it's in sun, it's actually not that bad of a Pokemon. Just keep those rocks away!
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