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  • I'd agree with YacheChomp, since it's probably the best chance it has for tearing apart teams. I think basing teams off of sweepers is usually a good starting point.

    So, In order for Garchomp to pull off a successful sweep, it definitely need faster threats removed. It has plenty of power once it boosts, and it isn't too difficult to get a boost thanks to its bulk and typing, but it can't do a thing to anything faster than it. So having a teammate that can remove Choice Scarfers and the like would be great to have. If I could just think of something that could do that...

    By the way, I think this conversation should be moved to PMs. What do you think?
    Garchomp, eh? Personally I've never really liked Garchomp, since it seems to lack some of the devastating qualities other Dragons have (Multiscale, Moxie, Dragon Dance, ridiculous bulk, etc), but I suppose that it will work. So what set are we basing it around? That's sort of crucial to deciding what the rest of the team would look like.
    Excuse me sir, terribly sorry to interrupt your evening, but we must spar for our Social Groups Tour. Please do let me know when we shall hit the battlefield.
    a.) Yeah, I've wanted to have some success with Chomp but he always ended up kinda being... baggage?

    b.) It's ok ;)
    I'd love to help out! Team building is one of my favorite parts of competitive battling, after all! I might be busy lately with all the stuff I have going on, as well as the group stuff I have to manage, but I should have enough time to contribute a good deal. (Lucky you, you're out of school already...)

    Just PM me the details and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can.
    What's this about a collaboration between you and Tabuu? Because I love that sort of thing. ; )
    yoo, we're paired up for the OU mini tourney. I'm GMT+1 and online a lot. Mostly evenings and afternoons. Hope we get this done. Cheers!
    Dr. Ciel vs. Halcyon of Light

    You have until May 17 to complete this battle. Good luck!
    Tabuu is back, so he's getting his advantage now...sorry about that :/
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