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  • Since you were the runner up of the last tournament, and Tabuu is for sure not participating, you get the tournament advantage!

    Your advantage is pretty damn cool. You get to use 2 permanent weather inducers on your team. They both have to have the same ability (meaning you can't have a dual weather team), but this allows you to have a backup Pokemon if one of your weather inducers faints. You can choose not to take advantage of this advantage, but I recommend you do, since it's a pretty big advantage.
    Your two weathers are Sand Stream and Drizzle. Remember that you have to pick which weather you're going to use for each bracket. You can't change your mind once you face your first opponent!
    Oh, I don't know if I'll be able later tonight, but if I am, I'll send you a VM. Maybe tomorrow at 5:20 pm? (Ten minutes before I VM'd you for the first time)

    EDIT: I'm GMT -5
    Sorry, I messed you up when I was suggesting a possible Fire Blast Yache Chomp. As relaunched pointed out, SpDef Skarm beats Fire Blast Chomp (and loses to Fire Fang) which is a bigger general threat to the team than Physically Def Skarm. (making Fire Fang the superior choice)

    I just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to change it.
    it's alright ^^ like your name, I happen to know what Halcyon is ^^

    it is quite a profound name ^^
    Yes! The rematch. I have a new team I'm building and I'm excited to try it out~
    Hey man! I haven't talked to my #1 bud on Smogon for quite some time ... that makes me feel guilty ._.'''
    But then again, I've been pretty inactive as of late. Anyways Congrats on your RMT! I recognized that team and I must say. It's pretty damn solid. I might remember some flaws I saw when playing it but I'll have it to check it out later. Anyways... HEY! :)
    Congratulations on your first RMT! The presentation looks pretty nice, and of course the team itself is incredibly solid. Hope you get some nice feedback!
    Hitmontop has been demoted to D-Rank and donphan has been moved up to C-Rank.

    Well, there's always Heatran for that sort of thing. And if we just add one pokemon weak to Fire, we shouldn't have too many problems. As long as we keep it in mind while building, we should be alright.
    Hmm, well we already have a discussion for Underrated Threats, so it seems like it might be a little redundant. However, I do like the idea of new group projects. I just wish I could come up with something half decent...

    Well, we still have the Create-A-Team going on. And it looks like your Scizor will be the winner of this round.
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