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  • Oh while we're at it could you also take my seadra and evolve it to a kingdra and trade me back!
    Of course you can have one of my jolteons! and i'd be glad to give you any of my pokemon for ev training that's what i usually pay :D would you like a EV trained one :D which is unfortunately lvl 100 or would u like an untrained one?
    It's no prob you can take something! I think anyone nice enough to take time out of their day to help others is something worth rewarding! and i'm always looking for a EV trainer just let me know your rates and terms for ev training and we can work it out :D
    Oh i sent you a pm! I got some insider info that it's not possible to do it online! lol but thanks for offering :D
    Hey thanks for the help! check out my thread if you need any of my bred pokes you can have um for helping me out ^^ it's very kind of you
    Ah, no, it's really okay; I don't trade often anymore because I basically got everything I want. I'd rather be giving things for free! When we trade, just trade me a Bidoof or something like that.

    Would you like to trade now?
    Hello! I have a Modest shiny Eevee (HP Electric 70) that you may have (not trained). It's over at 0731 5750 3878. Would you like that? VM me back!
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