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  • No problem.

    Although, I should mention - I can EV guys like SUPER FAST on G5. If you want, I can EV train a team (6 or more) guys for you tonight and trade them to you tomorrow.

    You've got lots of other stuff I'd like a copy of, so I wouldn't mind building up some credit with you.

    So if you like, just pick some guys, shoot me EVs (and moves - although I don't have all the TMs on White yet) and I can do them up for you.
    Since we're both online, you up for a battle? OU triple battle maybe? If so, use my Black FC. Let me know.

    And thanks again! - Mistakes happen/don't worry about it.
    Bold Frillish would be good.

    Thanks for the info about trick... to think I've been tutoring it in G4 LOL!.

    But yeah, that extra HP point is something I was going for - so I'd prefer the bold Frillish. I'll see you on.

    Thanks again!
    Uh... I suppose I'd rather have one of the flawless female water/ghosts, if that's OK? I'll meet you back online.

    (Was going to do a Trick/Choice band set anyway, which I can't do on a G5 rotom... yet?... anyways.)
    Sorry, yeah, I saw Bronzgong and assumed the other 2 were G4... LOL!

    Re: Pokegen. I can easily clone in G4... maybe you could trade them to me, then I'll clone and trade them back on G4.

    Anyways, I'll be online w/ my White and the G5 guys you wanted - then we can do G4. OK?
    I'd prefer them on G4 if possible...
    Are they on your G5 game? Mine are on G4, I think... I could pokeshift if need be.
    Can I get the 2 chanseys and Rotom?

    When I hear your reply, I'll get on w/ my Pearl. :)
    Whenever you can help me is fine. If I really find the need to RNG, I'm sure I can find someone else, but I doubt that'll happen.
    Ok. Like I said, I don't have the parent yet. If you can't help me RNG it tonight, we'll just do it tomorrow. I'm in no hurry.
    Hey. You around? I want to RNG something else, but I'm still confused at a couple parts. I'm waiting for the person to give me the Male parent, so you don't need to help me right now. I'll VM you when I have everything ready.
    Yeah. Took a bit longer than I anticipated, but I got it in the end. I had to fiddle with the timer somewhat, but that's to be expected I guess.
    Just thought I'd let you know that I got the Scyther. I'm probably going to need to ask you for help again, just so I can get the routine of 4th Gen Abuse down. Thanks again.
    If it's easier, you could teach me how to RNG Wild Pokemon first, because I want to learn how to do both anyway. That way I can get some good parents.
    I was told to download 8.75 by Winter Zombie, which I have done. I have a random Modest Scyther from the Bug Catching Contest and a flawless Modest Ditto that was traded to me. Sadly, neither one is Adamant, but I'm sure that isn't too much of an obstacle.
    Well I want to get stuff with moves that aren't available in 5th Gen, so I was going to go for an Adamant Technician Scyther first.
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