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  • Sup dude, I just took a look at that spreadsheet you've listed on google, and 3 mons caught my eyes. It's about your HP Fire and HP Fighting Shiny Cresselia, and your Shiny Rayquaza. I hate to say it, but changing your ID/SID combo to get the right combo for a perfect Shiny spread, is closely related to hacking.. Pokémon with altered ID/SID combo's aren't allowed here on Smogon. GeoHulk was banned for this.

    I just want to warn you, I think I can trust you, so I don't want to see your ass on the Blacklist. My advice is, release those 3 Pokémon, and abuse 2/3 new ID/SID combo's and capture them again.
    I have heard of him before. That's why I considered it as safe to trade. The Hasty Victini in my thread obviously isn't RNGd, but all of the technical stuff about it appears the same as Kaphonic's.
    Editted my post in your thead (in case you didn't see it). It comes from a hacked Wonder Card.
    Quick question: how do you put images on your mons? I cant seem to figure it out.
    Don't worry about it. I haven't traded it, and I don't plan to. You can still keep it non-redis
    Well I just followed Smogon's guide for 3rd gen RNG here: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/

    I've only done bred pokemon though. You need to make sure the parents have the right IVs in the right spot to fill the inherited IVs. It's best if you know the exact IVs of both parents so you can figure out what spread you hit if you didn't hit the right one. If there's anything in particular you need to know just ask.
    Hey bro, it's 42791 from gamefaqs. I see you're opening up a thread, that's cool. I'm gonna get one up soon. I was wondering if you can teach me how to abuse in emerald whenever you have time, it'll be much appreciated. See ya
    I got it now, I didn't realize that it's a method K pokemon. Thanks for offering to help though.
    Is it generated with method K? I assumed it was method 1 so if it's K then I think that's the problem.
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