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  • it's the only project i have that's able to pass through my LOA. i have an exam on tuesday so i'll probably be able to finish it this week
    I get my pen for my tablet on like, Tuesday. I wanna finish by the weekend. If I'm holding up production, feel free to drop me~
    hey icepick, I was looking thru some of the old Battle free for all posts and really liked your art. Keep up the awesome work! :D
    Well the main Pokemon I talk about are Ludicolo and Braviary, so anything involving them works. Gurdurr Skuntank or Rotom-S are also all possibilities. Something that happens a lot in the battle is two Ludicolo fighting each others so that might be neat as well !
    Hi icepick. Just wondering if you need any suggestions or whatever for art on this article I'm doing. (idk if Birkal told everyone what they're assigned to but yeah...) Let me know if you need anything :)
    well I could offer hotel at $140 for the hotel which is not great I know, but I am staying 5 full nights in downtown so I am mostly looking for people who can stay that long
    Hey man where do you live? It is just a loose chance but I am looking for people to share rides/hotel rooms with (I already booked, only have LonelyNess committed). I think the only states I can particularly pick up from are like Texas/Oklahoma/Missouri/Illinois/Indiana, if none of those are you oh well
    Hey, I don't know you but your custom title made me sad; it can be put to much better uses than that, so I am here to say to idiots asking about icepick's avatar: save icepick's avatar to your desktop, open up google images, and drag the image into the search box. MAGIC.
    haha glad i saw this; it was really helpful. i'll definitely consult it from now on ^_^
    ok sweet; i'll try it out haha. thanks! (i'll take you up on that offer if i need help xD)
    hey man, that's some beautiful art! i was wondering -- what program do you use haha, i've been wanting to try out art with a more paint-like feel. thanks for making it either way, cool stuff to look through :D
    Man, I know how to check my visitor messages when I get them.
    I'm still working on it, but yeah, I don't care about order either. I'll just hopefully post before saturday's end.
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