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  • there's a problem, my pc portable's gone, i'm using my iphone. dunno if today and tomorrow can be on. But monday will work :))

    uMad? i bet you are >:D

    True as it may be it still has only ok defenses ,a scarce attacking move pool, and almost no support moves, barriers being his best.
    Well done dude. After you did 20 Pokemon we can start the second phase of our tutoring. You can find me on GTalk at 3.15 PM, 3,30 PM(GMT -5)
    Cool i just made a video not sure if youll get anything yet or not

    But so far im not having any luck getting it from my Photos(On Ipad) to here considering i cant use youtube and i can only email in small parts
    Intresting battle......Calm mind Golduck works great after two boost thats nice to know......and he was bad so manymisplays imo
    Thats great to hear. Take a look at the sets already posted and give some feed back, or ways to improve the, or evennew sets!
    Ty but would have prefered in pm but its ok i will copy and paste so i can read it later. Im finishing some pu pokemon i will battle my friend with at school
    oh c'mon son, if you wanna improve ur skills need working too much. I'll go to GTalk in 2 hours, coz' i'm on the round. i hope to find you on :)
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