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  • Ty s much but please join Project Pu and look at the discussions thier they should tell you what you need to know. Also id prefer battles in PS as that allows me to look at Battle logs(and if you want put your thoughts in between turns)
    Sorry i meant rejects. But anyways im working on a big project called Project Pu the best way to explain it is thus

    The Project is about making Pu(which some refer to as Poorly used) an Official tier
    We are helping to do this by making a official /unofficial analyses for each and every Pokemon on the Pu list based on what is in Pu.

    Do you understand now?

    If so please join rpoject Pu thier is a group for it so feel free to join and post when ever you get the chance(and if possible p) i would like you to battle someone else using only Pokemon from the Pu list. It would be greatly appreciated if you gave the sets of your team and the battle log
    it's late 4 me right now, anyway send me ur team. i wanna meet you as soon as possible to start our tutoring..
    Hello, you're my tutee, i'm GMT+1, nice to meet you :)
    You can contact me on GMail, or MSN

    Hope to meet you as soon as possible.
    I love One Piece! Also if you want to sharpen your skills you can join this programm for whichever metagame you want! Just wait for the next sign-up thread (check the schedule thread to see when it is) and hop in, but make sure you sign-up exactly at the time the thread opens, because the positions are filled really quickly (if you don't sign up in the first 2-3 hours you most probably won't find a spot).
    Well yeah it doesn't... Use the SQ/SA threads a lot and you will be fine! Also you can drop by the eh forum and talk about non-Pokemon related stuff such as Manga, movies, sports, etc. Welcome to Smogon!
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